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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Raise a Happy Child Part 3

Michael Groses' Third element in raising a happy tot is to develop your child's resilience and coping skills.

“Resilience is important for kids to help them cope with life’s hardships, frustrations and difficulties [HFDs],” says Grose. “Developmental HFDs are those that children routinely experience, including loss, rejection, change, disappointment, failure, conflict and fear. Dealing with these helps to build coping skills for the future. “One way to build coping skills is to not overprotect your child,” he says. “Life happens and things don’t always go our way. It’s important that kids learn this and learn how to keep their confidence up. Parents can support their kids by focusing on how they’re feeling and letting them know it’s okay to feel this way. Then they should help them learn to manage it, deal with it and move on.”

How to promote resilience in children:

  • Remind your kids that they don’t always get what they want.
  • Be attentive to their particular situation and needs.
  • Work hard to keep their confidence up and help them get on with life.
  • Give kids plenty of opportunities to solve their own problems. Children will only develop their inner resources when given the opportunity to develop their resourcefulness.
  • Expect your child to be helpful at home from a young age without being paid. That’s how they learn to be useful.
  • Make sure your expectations for success are positive, realistic and based on each child’s interests and aptitudes rather than on adult wishes.
  • Normalize the HFD situations so they understand that others also experience similar situations.
  • Be a good role model by being a resilient adult rather than an adult who’s continually stressed and has no real life outside immediate family and work.
  • Starting a hobby is a good place to begin if you feel that life is all work (and kids) and no fun.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Princess Costume Idea that's Affordable and Beautiful

You can never go wrong with a Princess costume. Every girl wishes to be one. We all grew up listening to fairy tales and wished to be enchanted with magic and ball dances. Wearing a princess dress makes us pretty too! Check out this beautiful pink dress from Elitedresses.com. Your little girl will definitely look like a princess with it.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Little Devil Costume Idea

Halloween is coming and Moms are already in panic to look for a Halloween costume for the kids. What's the best Halloween costume for a girl that's so cute we don't want her to turn into a monster or a witch during Halloween? The Little Devil of course! Elitedresses.com have this affordable, cute and stylish red tulle flower girl dress that you can use as a Little Devil Costume. Just pair it with a sequined devil's fork and horn and match it with a perfect sequined flats. Your little princess will be running around for treats looking like an adorable Little Devil.


Monday, September 26, 2011

80's affordable and functional costume idea

80's is one of the best and funkiest era I know. Madonna, Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper were famous during the 80's and that only proves how fun it was in the 80's. The fashion statement during the 80's is an inspiration to our young fashionistas and designers. Its fashion is also a popular costume idea because of its bold and colorful style. Big hair, tights, bright and neon colored accessories, fingerless gloves and bright colored dress are the elements of 80's fashion. So, if you don't want your kids to look scary or your kids are actually scared of wearing a monster costume for Halloween, you can get Halloween costume ideas from the 80's fashion. The kids may not look scary but everybody will say 'WOW' to their funky and fun look.

At Elitedresses.com, not only you can find an affordable and quality girls holiday dresses, flower girl dresses, girls christmas dresses, but you can also find a funky 80's costume for the Halloween. Elitedresses.com dresses are so special because not only they are functional but definitely stylish as well.

(purple dress is from Elitedresses.com)

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Affordable Cinderella Costume Idea

Wishes and Fairy Godmothers. Prince Charmings and Princesses. How can a little girl not love Cinderella? Cinderella's story is so enchanting and magical every little girl wishes to become a princess. Well, Halloween is one occasion they get to play make believe. Why not let them live up their dream for a day? Let them wear a beautiful blue tulle dress and match it with tiara, wand, and the famous princess slipper. At Elitedresses.com, we have the perfect affordable and functional  blue tulle dress that you can use as a Cinderella costume for the Halloween. And you know what's great? you princess can reuse it to any other special occasion like  a wedding or her birthday. Isn't that great? 

(This pretty blue tulle dress is from Elitedresses.com's girls holiday dresses collection)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tinkerbell Costume Suggestion- Affordable & Functional

Halloween is a just a few weeks away and Moms are already looking for an awesome costume for their kids. People take time to make and look for a grand costume, but do you know that you dont have to spend a lot for a grand costume? Or you can buy a costume that you can use again for another occassion?

I was browsing our Girls Holiday Dresses page, and I saw this cute mint dress and then i got an idea. My little girl can use it as a Tinker Bell costume. She would definitely look cute as a Tinker Bell (and it's her current obsession! She did say in school that when she grows up, she wants to be a doctor AND a Tinker bell!)

Tinker Bell is the definiton of cute. She is also fun, exciting, and tiny and my little girl matches her character. Here's the cute ensemble we can use on halloween. 

2. Wand
3. Green fairy shoes
4. Wings!

She will surely be the cutest Tink on halloween! How about you, I'm sure your little girl would be delighted to be a Tinker bell! :D 


If this is not enough goodies, look at our SALE PAGE! 
It's a Pink Halloween with our gorgeous pink princess dresses on sale!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Say goodbye to Summer and Hello to Fall Wedding Season

 Finally, long hot months of summer is over. And Fall is something we can enjoy as there are many events and occasion during Fall and that only means more reason to dress up. Kids are back to school and a lot of couples are planning to get married during this season. Yes, many people celebrate weddings during this season as Fall is a wonderful theme for a wedding. Oranges, reds, yellows, deep purple are used during Fall weddings and that's why weddings during this season are bold, romantic and dramatic. You don't have to sell your kidney just to achieve a dramatic wedding. Just use the Fall colors on your wedding theme. Reds and oranges on your table centerpieces or purples and reds on Flower Girl Dresses. Right choice of color can make your wedding look expensive.

At Elitedresses.com, we have the perfect and affordable Flower Girl Dresses for Fall. In fact, we have the perfect Flower Girl Dresses, Girls Party Dresses, and Girls Holiday Dresses for all season.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dress up for the Halloween

Halloween is one of the occasion kids and adults look forward to. Kids get to play dress up and wear costumes and go to trick or treats while adults get to be a kid again and play dress up. Some kids dress up as their favorite hero, some dress up as monster or a witch, other kids wear their Flower Girl Dresses and pair it with a wand and tiara and pretend to be a princess. No matter who you want to be on that day, always remember that its a day to be with friends, make new friends and enjoy the day.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Australian Wholesale Scam - Why Me?

I got the exact same E-Mails, word for word...

I just Googled the E-Mail address and found this.


Exact E-Mails I received, word for word.

And it seems they are actually based in Nigeria.  The scam is done using their own shipping company that diverts the order.

I am glad I figured it out before having to lose a large order like this to a scam.

For Scammers, if I get a suspicious order we will check you out.  So please save both our times and go else where.  Or even better, get an honest job and stop stealing.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Raise a Happy Child Part 2

 The second key element of raising a happy child is to create a sense of family community

“It’s important to build and maintain distinctive traditions that make each family special signify a child’s significance within his primary social group – his family,” says Grose. “Creating sense of community in your family and building traditions and rituals gives kids strong anchors back into family when they are older. “Rituals can be as simple as the way you habitually say to your child ‘I love you’ each day as he goes to school, or the way you always read their favourite book before they go to bed,” he says. “The permanence of these rituals give them much of their significance, they’re like ‘coat hooks upon which we hang our family memories’. Also try to focus more on what’s good for your family, rather than each individual family member, and start insisting that kids take an interest in each other, so the whole family benefits.” -Michael Grose

(the girl in polka dot dress and the girl in all white dress are wearing Flower Girl Dresses from Elitedresses)

How to develop rituals that bind your family together:

  • Having regular family mealtimes is a simple but powerful ritual.
  • Have a regular one-on-one activity that involves each child, something both of you can look forward to, such as a bedtime story or a weekly walk.
  • Celebrate birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas (make sure to get your princesses a Girls Christmas Dress)or other religious festivals in your family’s own special way.
  • Ask your children about the rituals, special occasions and celebrations that they most enjoy and let them contribute ideas on how to celebrate them.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I want my princess to be Miss U

Have you watched Miss Universe yesterday? Everybody was hoping for their bet to win but it was Ms. Angola who got the crown.

While I was watching Miss Universe, I can't help but look at my little girl and secretly wish that she grows up as beautiful and as smart as the candidates.

Some mommies train their princesses as young as age 4 to be the next Miss U. Stage moms would bring their kids to different kinds of beauty and modeling contest. Why not? Girls in pageants look pretty and adorable in their pageant dresses. Some kids enjoy it, some kids don't. Moms should never forget that everything a child does should be fun and that we don't have to force them to do things they don't like because sooner or later, they will want it to do it anyway at their own time or that they will succeed anyway at the things they love to do.

 (Gianna is wearing a Girls Pageant Dress from Elitedresses)

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Identity Theft Resource

Reclaiming your life from identity thieves - LA Times

A great resource that is mentioned in the article is a free service through Auto Club.  I highly recommend it.

I have heard a few horror stories, for example a local bank manager had her purse stolen and somebody stole her identity so they could work here.  We had our fears of identity theft after our house was robbed in December.  And I have had calls from customers asking are we a real business - reflecting their fear of being scammed.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Moon Festival Everyone!

Happy Moon Festival Everyone! Make sure you taste that mooncake and light a lantern to get your wish and luck!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Sale on Dresses

Hey Guys! We are going to have a sale next week. Watch out for it. There will be pretty dresses that we will put up on sale.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Are you ready for Moon Festival?

So, have you got everything you need for Moon Festival? If not, here are the things you might need.

1. Do you know where you're going during Moon Fest? Find out here on our Moon Festival Calendar.

2. Do you already have a lantern for the Lantern Parade? We posted a DIY lantern for you and your kids. Check it out here.

3. Do you already have a chinese costume for your kids? Elitedresses.com have Cheongsums and Qi Pao (Girls Chinese Dresses) for your little ones.

4. Are you and your kids armed with some Chinese words? How about learn some and amaze your family and friends? you can get a Chinese Learning Materials from childbook.com. Chinese Paradise, a textbook series is their newest book. The book was developed based on children's reading habits and learning characteristics and features numerous classroom games, interactive lessons and illustrations.

Now, if you got everything above. Then you're armed and ready. Happy Moon Fest Everyone!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Colors of Fall

 Styles and design are not the only one that trends in fashion. Colors also play a big role in trending fashion. When you see a deep teal in a fashion show during a fashion week, expect to see that colors everywhere from Big department stores to high end boutiques. So what is the trending color this Fall? 

Here is the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2011

 (All Girls Party Dresses are from Elitedresses.com)

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Raise a Happy Child Part 1

Being a parent is challenging task. To raise a well-behaved, well-mannered, happy child can be more challenging.  According to Michael Grose, there are six elements in raising a Happy Child and we will be posting 1 element each week. 
(the girl is wearing a Qi Pao or Girls Chinese Dress from Elitedresses.com)

So here's the first element that we have to practice:


“Children's self-esteem influences their social behaviour and learning,” says Grose. “Children with low self-esteem are less likely to step out of their comfort zone to extend themselves, take risks or try new experiences. Quite simply if kids have a healthy level of esteem and feel good about themselves they’re more likely to make friends
and succeed at pre-school and at school.”

“The way we interact with our kids on a daily basis influences the positive picture that they construct of themselves,” he says. “It’s important we let them know through our language and behaviour that they’re capable and worthwhile, then they’ll start to believe it themselves. The messages we send influence the way kids see themselves as well as our relationship with them. Encourage your kids to do things for themselves and focus more on what they’re doing, rather than result, to help them grow, develop and become more self-confident.”

how to promote self-esteem in your kids:

* Build on your child's strengths and point out to them their areas of expertise.

* Give kids realistic responsibility. Develop self-help skills from an early age.

* Develop the courage to be imperfect. Let them know that mistakes are part of learning.

* Help them to develop the attitude that anything is possible.

* Establish an achievement board or star chart.

* Look for small victories or achievements and celebrate them.

* Help children set goals and stick to them.

* Write letters or notes of appreciation and leave them under their pillow 

and in lunch-boxes.

* Give objective feedback but begin with a strength or positive.

* Compare them only to themselves.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mooncakes and Chinese Dresses (It's Moon Festival Time)

Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival) is coming up and it's the time of year we tell our children about the moon fairy living in a crystal palace, who comes out to dance on the moon's shadowed surface. And it's also the time of year they can wear their Cheongsums or Qi Paos (Girls Chinese Dresses).

 Girls Chinese Dress by Elitedresses

Bring your kids to the nearest China Town and watch some Dragon Dance, Lantern Parade, fireworks display and eat some Mooncakes. Your kids will surely enjoy the festive celebration of Moon Festival. Or if you want to stay at home then you can just order your mooncake, light a lantern, do moon festival coloring with your kids and moon gaze right at the comfort of your home.

You can check out schedules of Moon Festival Events and celebration here.

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Labor Day Weekend!

Labor day weekend! I wonder how you're going to spend your labor day weekend. My family and I will just eat out on our favorite Chinese restaurant and perhaps I will shop in preparation for Moon Festival. My daughter is also off to College and it's a good thing that we have a little bit of time to spend together! 

Happy Labor Day everyone! Rest, enjoy and Work again the next day! :D

I'm also thinking of putting a Labor day sale up on Monday so please do watch out for that!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Moon Festival DIY Latern

One way of celebrating moon Festival is the lighting of the lanterns. So here is a DIY bunny lantern for you and your kids to enjoy.

Materials you will need:

1. a sheet of tracing paper at 8.5 x 24 inches (my sheet is 19 x 24, I cut it to the right size)
2. a ruler
3. a pencil
4. a pair of scissors
5. scotch tape (invisible/not shiny is better)
6. markers, colors of your choice (mine are peach, black, brown, light blue)
7. 4 inch lightstick necklace, any color (mine is yellow)
8. cord (should come with your light stick necklace)
9. a chopstick
10. bunny template, download and print here.

STEP 1. Fold your tracing paper in half, to make an 8.5 x 12 inch rectangle.

STEP 2. Using the ruler, measure and make a line .75 inches from the edge of the long (12 inch) side. Fold on the line.

STEP 3. Repeat on other long side.

STEP 4. Tape both folds down. Make sure you tape down the entire length:

STEP 5. Fit the bunny template under you paper. Trace the thick black lines:

STEP 6. Cut out your markings, as indicated by the template:

STEP 7: Draw your bunny face.

STEP 8. Poke a hole through the top of your bunny's head (both layers of paper). You can use a small hole punch if you have one or you can just use your pencil.

STEP 9. String your lightstick inside the bunny using the cord. Tie it loosely.

STEP 10: Tie the other end of the cord to a chopstick. Tie this tightly, perhaps wrapping around the chopstick a couple of times to keep it secure.

Now all you have to do is wait until nightfall, activate the lightstick according to the lightstick's instructions (you may have to untie & retie the cord) and let your lantern GLOW.