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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Hanging Valentine Photo Frame

What makes our craft special this week is that it is designed to hold a special moment that is full of LOVE… 

Here is another DIY craft idea that is simple, special and timely… a Valentine Photo Frame full of LOVE!


12x2 in. pc. of wood
3 pcs. foam craft
2 Push pins
3 in. String
3mm Double Adhesive tape


  • Trace and cut the letters L, V and E on the red foam craft.

  • Trace and cut a heart shape on the foam craft.
  • Cut a hole in the middle of the heart shape foam craft using a cutter.  The hole could be a square, an oblong, a circle.. it is really up to you.  Just make sure to leave at least 1 inch on all sides.

  • Trace and cut another heart shape form on the cardboard.
  • Put double adhesive tape at the back of the heart shape, and press on the cardboard.  Do not put tape on where the photo will be inserted.
  • Attach the letters and the heart shape to form the word “LOVE” on the cardboard using double adhesive tape.

  • Let the heart shape serves as the letter ‘O.'

  • Attach the push pins on both sides of the wood.
  • Loop or attach the string on the push pins.  This will serve as the hanger.

Put your photo inside the frame.  Now, you have an option to display it in your living room or in your bedroom.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

White Communion Dress

Get your daughter's Affordable First Communion Dresses

I've received a lot of wonderful feedback from customers about our low prices and stunning dress quality. With First Communion happening only once in a girl's life, I can't believe how expensive our competition's dresses are. Many of them start at $100 going all the way up to $500! At Elite Dresses, a beautiful dress does not mean terribly expensive!

e of our best sellers starts at only $39.99. It's the Girls' Beautiful Organza and Satin sleeveless formal dress with lace detail at waist. Check out the 13 reviews on the dress, and there are 12 super cute customer photos. Click on customer photos and reviews on the product page.

We have a beautiful range of white and ivory dresses for First Communion. We have dresses with simple design to dresses with highly-detailed embroidery.

We also have some cute First Communion Coloring pages by Leanne Franson, an award winning artist. The pages go through the entire process of First Communion for a girl, check them out!

For those of you who have bought a First Communion dress from us, thank you so much! Be sure to write a review for the dress and send a photo!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Affordable First Communion Style Board Suggestion

If your daughter is taking her First Communion, it's best to find the appropriate White Communion dress now. Here's a First Communion style board that could fit well with your budget and still have a great White dress for the First Communion.

White Satin Sleeveless Bodice with Organza Overlay Skirt
White Satin Sleeveless Bodice with Organza Overlay Skirt
List Price: $85.00 
Our Price: $42.99 
You save $42.01!

  • All American flower girl dress
  • Made with beautiful shiny satin
  • Available sizes: 2 to 10

  • Made with a lovely organza overlay and falls at the natural tea length

    Wednesday, January 23, 2013

    Things Your Daughter Need For First Communion

    It's the First Communion season and most Moms are in the search for the things that little girls need for First Communion.

    First of course is to find the appropriate White First Communion Dress for your child. It should follow the "rules" given by the Church or Parish where your child will take her First Communion. 
    I believe that some Churches do not allow certain Communion dresses designs or cuts. So best to call or visit your Parishes for proper information. 

    Second First Communion Veil should be just the proper length. You don't want your child to walk like a little bride if you overdo it. 

    Third is an open heart. The child should be well prepared spiritually too. The child should have understood what the ceremony was about and what it meant. This is explained during the preparation classes/seminars they take prior to the First Communion day. 

    Below are some First Communion resources that you and your child may use for FREE:

    First Communion Customs and Traditions 

    First Commmunion Dress Coloring Pages - Free and Printable 

    Tuesday, January 22, 2013

    A White Dress for Father and Daughter Dance

    Simple Tips for Having a New Look with an Old Dress

    Father and daughter dances are one of the most nostalgic experiences daughters can ever have.   I even get misty-eyed whenever I remember the last time my dad and I had a dance during one of those school Valentine’s parties.  Lots of sweet memories with dad captured in photos.   Hey, I noticed the cute dresses that I wore during those parties.  Unlike from my old photos, I did not look funny in those dresses because the party dresses I wore then were never out of style.  Thanks to mom for choosing the right party dresses for me. 

    Now, I also consider the same standards in choosing a dress for my daughter.  Like my mom, I love classic style of party dresses for my daughter. With the fact in mind that trendy clothes might not be the trend 10 years from now, I would always go for classic styles that can be used and reused on different occasions and wouldn't go out of trend. 

    Girls party dresses with a classic style would always look new even if worn on several occasions when matched with the correct sets of accessories. 

    So for this year’ Father and Daughter dance, I picked a beautiful white sleeveless formal dress with red sash and flower for my daughter to wear on her school’s Father and Daughter dance.  Take note that my daughter has worn this on a different occasion, but since the sash is detachable, I was able to replace it with red satin one with a red flower on it.  My daughter was amazed that the dress looked new just by changing the sash color.

    I bought a new pair of red girl’s shoes and a red headband to match with the color of the sash.  I also made sure she has a red coin purse just to complete a Valentine-themed outfit on the Father and daughter dance.

    With her father and a set of beautiful party dress, my daughter will surely have a wonderful experience that she could treasure in her memories forever.

    Girls Dresses with Detachable Sash and Suggestions for Father and Daughter Dance:

    Girls Beautiful White Sleeveless Formal Dress With Colorful Sash And Flower
    Girl's Beautiful White Sleeveless Formal Dress With Colorful Sash And Flower
    List Price: $80.00 
    Our Price: $39.99 
    You save $40.01!

  • Choose your sash color!
  • The dress features Cream Rayon (woven to resemble raw silk).
  • Colorful chiffon sash that is tied to create a beautiful bow in back and is accented by a beautiful flower in front and on the bow in back. 
  • Sizes available: baby sizes and girls sizes 2 to 14
  • One beautiful dress, 20 different looks! 

    Girls White A-lined satin Dress with Venice lace and Grosgrain Ribbon Sash
    Girls' White A-lined Satin Dress with Venice lace
    List Price: $75.00 
    Our Price: $44.99 
    Sale Price: $42.99 
    You save $32.01!

  • Choose your sash color!
  • A-line Satin dress
  • Lovely Venice lace on chest
  • Size available 2-16

  • A-lined Satin Long Dress with Removable Ribbon Sash
    White A-lined Satin Long Dress with Removable Ribbon Sash
    List Price: $99.00 
    Our Price: $54.99 
    You save $44.01!

  • Choose your sash color!
  • A-line satin dress, long skirt
  • Empire cut made of top quality bridal satin

  • Get to know more about us on our Facebook page!