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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Things Your Daughter Need For First Communion

It's the First Communion season and most Moms are in the search for the things that little girls need for First Communion.

First of course is to find the appropriate White First Communion Dress for your child. It should follow the "rules" given by the Church or Parish where your child will take her First Communion. 
I believe that some Churches do not allow certain Communion dresses designs or cuts. So best to call or visit your Parishes for proper information. 

Second First Communion Veil should be just the proper length. You don't want your child to walk like a little bride if you overdo it. 

Third is an open heart. The child should be well prepared spiritually too. The child should have understood what the ceremony was about and what it meant. This is explained during the preparation classes/seminars they take prior to the First Communion day. 

Below are some First Communion resources that you and your child may use for FREE:

First Communion Customs and Traditions 

First Commmunion Dress Coloring Pages - Free and Printable 

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