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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Beautiful Christmas Dresses for Little Girls

In this post you'll read about the gorgeous Christmas dresses from Elitedresses.com
For years we've been providing little girls their most beautiful Holiday dresses and we make it special by making sure we deliver a flawless dress. 

Every size of the dress is measured and doubled check to lessen the returns and hassle to our customers. Because we know how important it is to get your girls' Christmas dress right. 

So I walked around our office and warehouse today and asked the staff which Christmas dresses  for little girls they love the most and their response were:

1. Red Girls' Polysatin Party Dress 

This beautiful dress is a new dress from us and Valerie has fallen in love with this dress ever since. Her daughters will sure to love them! 

2.  Floral Taffeta Dress with Velvet Flocking and Sash 

Susan's been gushing about this lovely Holiday dress. She said she loves the fact that the sashes can be changed to different colors. Plus the skirt pattern is just plain gorgeous, something you don't see on a department store rack. 

3.  Girls Red Party Dress with Floral Accent and Matching White Bolero 

This is a perfect girls' holiday dress. The bolero is stylish and perfect for a nippy weather during the holiday season. The flower embroidery on the dress skirt is very well made. 

All the dresses from EliteDresses Holiday Dresses Collection is made of high quality fabric and are all reasonably priced.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Native American Paper Bag and Candy Bucket

Thanksgiving is fast approaching.  Celebration is not complete without Native American decorations, along with Turkeys and American hats.  It is great to make your own thanksgiving craft with a Native American theme.

Brown Paper bag
Paper bucket
Colored construction paper 

To create the face of the Native American, use peach or light shade of brown construction paper, cut a rectangle to serve as face, the cut 2 circles to serve as eyes, a triangle to serve as nose and a boat shape to serve as smiling lips.  Glue the shapes on the rectangle to create the face.

Glue the face on the paper bag and bucket to create a 2D effect.

To create hair, cut a small paper rectangle in shades of brown and black. Make many narrow cuts on one side of the strip to create strands of hair. 

Cut zigzag and glue on a white construction paper, then glue  on the headband. Decorate headbands with feathers.

Glue the hair on the inner side of the band, and then glue the headband in place over figure. 

Roll the bottom of the hair around a pencil to make curls. Glue together. 

Dress your figures with bands of colored paper. Glue together. 


You have the option to put a handle on the paper bag and bucket.

You may use the paper bag as loot bag to give away on thanksgiving, and the bucket as container for candies and cookies.


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