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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Save Money with EliteDresses' Affordable Girls Holiday Dresses

Your money is important this Holiday. Everyone needs to stretch their budget to be able to have a presentable occasion/event. But we want to take a bit of your monetary burden off your shoulder by providing you with affordable but quality girls holiday dresses.

Girls holiday dresses are one of the must-haves this holiday season and you should be wise in choosing the right dress. Buy something that you can still hand down to smaller children or buy dresses that could be used even after the holiday season. Very functional and versatile dresses are also available in the market today such as dresses with removable sashes and flowers---which you can change to create a different look! 

Also check for the quality of the fabrics. Make sure it's not itchy and uncomfortable because you don't want tantrums from the kids wearing it! If you're buying from an online seller, make sure they're credible and will give you easy returns and exchange policy. 

I recently added NEW girls holiday dresses and I  hope you love them as much as I did!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

New First Communion Dresses- High Quality and Affordable!

Girls White Satin Dress with Organza Skirt and Beaded Waist Trim

First Communion Dress with Pearl Beaded Bodice-Ivory, White

Tiered White Organza Flower girl Dress with Sash
Gorgeous and Angelic First Communion Dresses for your First Communicants! These first communion dresses are also very affordable and made of high quality fabrics.

All were handpicked for comfortableness because we want your daughters to smile and giggle when they wear Elite Dresses.

Click here for more Affordable First Communion Dresses

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wedding Idea: Dallas Cowboy Wedding Theme

A very nice bride to be ordered blue flower girl dresses to me and told me her wedding colors are Silver and Blue because her wedding theme is their all time favorite football team- Dallas Cowboys! 

It's a pretty neat idea, yes? 

I bet you can all be as creative as she is! Just remember to incorporate the things you share with your husband to be on your wedding to make it even more special.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weddding Idea from an Elite Dresser

One client said she scheduled her wedding on the weekend following Thanksgiving that way it's easier to gather friends and family for a get together! 

Great idea. Saves everyone time and energy. Plus the holiday spirits will probably make the wedding more special and memorable! 

Oh, the flower girl dresses that she ordered from us will surely bring more oohhhs and aaahhhhss from the guests! 

I hope she shares the photos to us after the wedding :)

Happy Wedding Preps!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

EliteDresses is a WeddingWire.com Vendor!

 Hello friends!

I'm a certified WeddingWire.com Vendor and you can all visit me there! If you were satisfied with the Elite Dresses dress you bought and our services,
please please put a good word about my services and my products by providing me with your reviews here:

Help me get more reviews and hopefully I can post them on EliteDresses' main website! This way I can build my credibility and earn trust to future clients.

Thank you so much in advance,


Flower girl Dresses Under $50 - We have Lots!!!

We sure have lots of flower girl dresses for under $50! These dresses are priced fair and reasonable without compromising the beauty and quality of  the dresses. We do not want to be branded as selling cheap for cheap looking dresses! Here, we try to give you more for lesser the price. 

And take note, that these flower girl dresses under $50 are not YET on sale. Imagine when we put it on sale! 

Get these affordable flower girl dresses:

Girl's Elegant Champagne Metallic Jacquard formal dress with sash

Girl's Beautiful Organza and Satin sleeveless formal dress with lace detail at waist Ivory, Pink, or White

Girl's Bridal Satin Organza Formal Dress- White or Ivory

Girls Taffeta with Rose accent Flowergirl Dress--White, Brown, Black, Pink, Champagne, Aqua, Fuschia or Sage

Girls Mauve Taffeta Sleeveless Dress

With Elite Dresses the choices of flower girl dresses for under $50 is endless! And the possibility of buying flower girl dresses that the kids will actually love is huge! 

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More New Dresses from Elite Dresses!

We added more girls party dresses today!

Girls Sequined Bodice Bubble Dress- Black, Red, Navy

Floral Taffeta Dress with Velvet Flocking-Brown, Eggplant
Fleece Bolero Jacket- Ivory, Pink, Black, White
These are girls holiday dresses in 2010. 

All dresses are US made and guaranteed high quality fabrics. Prices remain affordable and fair. 
Happy Shopping!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Sneak Peek on the New Girls Holiday Dresses

Hey hey Elite Dressers!

The newest additions to our Girls Holiday Dresses are here (finally!)  Here's a fun sneak peek of the dresses.
We're polishing the product pages to ensure we have the right information such as fabrics, photos, size charts and the works.

For now here are the gorgeous holiday dresses:  
Note that all dresses are MADE IN USA 
and all dresses are priced at the usual fair (read: affordable) price
all dresses are of highest quality fabric and nothing like the dresses I usually sell

There you have it. The super sneak preview of the upcoming girls holiday dresses! We're selling it within the week. :)  And did you see the EliteDresses TAG?


Sale of the Week: Little Black Dress SALE

Last day of Elite Dresses Little Black Dress SALE

Make sure you bought one for the little missy :) affordable girls dresses are so hard to find nowadays. Oh sure, you can find one but the quality is as cheap as the dress --you get what you paid for. 

But I make sure that at Elite Dresses, you get more from what you paid for.

Happy Shopping!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

As a kid, I remember holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving as a time to wear my pretty dress. It was pretty and warm but it was really heavy and itchy to wear. I didn’t tell my Mother it was so because all my other cousins were wearing similar dresses and I thought I should bear the heaviness and itchiness like them. 

It was only when I had my own daughter that I looked for other choices on girls holiday dresses. I don’t want my daughter to wear something that’s heavy and itchy. And I remember this one velvety dress that Mother gave her, it has this nice ribbon embroidery on the front of the dress but inside the dress, it left threads and itchy stuff that my daughter didn’t want to wear it! What a waste---Please don’t tell Mother! 

Anyway, if you’re looking for the same quality of fabrics as I did, check on EliteDresses’ Girls Holiday Dresses page and you might find something you’re daughter will love. 

I personally love this red dress which has gotten many compliments from my past customers too.
Red Poly Dupioni Dress     

Holidays are spent with so much happiness and love, not with so much heaviness and itchiness! ;) 

Happy shopping!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Black Flower girl Dresses: Are You In or Out?

Black Flower girl Dresses

The color Black is a daring and intimidating color that is much loved of the fashionistas. Black evokes darkness, elegance, magic, and anonymity. Black is also a color of illusion and character, often a color seen sported by fashion icons of all times. Audrey Hepburn is one of the famous stars to be remembered for her black gown (in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'); every fashion stylists like Tim Gunn will lecture about the importance of  the "little black dress" and how it must be a must have for every closet- little or big closet.

For a time, black has been a no-no in the wedding scenes except for some traditional weddings where black symbolizes an important factor in their culture. But as weddings are becoming more personal and more traditional, it has evolved into different shades of color other than white. And then much later, black slowly creeps in the wedding scenes. At first as accents on flower girl dresses such as ivory flower girl dress with black sash and then finally as the main flower girl dress color.

It really depends on the couple on how they want their wedding to be presented and seen. Although there are people who would frown on black flower girl dresses, there are also people who are open to this color. One tip would be, choose your black flower girl dress style carefully. You do not want your flower girls to look so mysterious, you want them to look elegant and happy.  Choose black flower girl dresses with accents on the dress so it won’t look plain.

For the bride, it’s really your choice if you want black on your wedding and how much black in that case. Remember that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and you must try to live your dream wedding.
So are you in or out?
In our attempt to know your opinion on this, we have put a mini survey on our Black Flower girl dress page. To please offer your opinion by ticking your answer. It’s very simple and easy to do.

Thank you!

Elite Dresses is having a Black Dresses SALE this week! You might want to grab the opportunity- remember it ends Monday!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

EliteDresses' Homecoming Princess!

One of the Elite Dresser was hailed Homecoming Princess last month! She's wearing the beautiful Girl's Satin Bodice with Tulle Skirt Ballerina Dress.

This ballerina dress comes in different color combination such as black and pink, all black, light gold, red, mint,fuchsia, and dusty rose.

This photo was given to EliteDresses and is also an entry on our monthly photo and review contest where thee winner receives $100!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby and Toddler Dresses- Special Occasion Dresses and Flower girl Dresses

Babies and Toddlers are now often part of a wedding or of any special occasions and most of the time, they are the center of attraction. This is the reason why most Moms want their babies and toddlers dressed up well for an occasion. Most of the time, baby and toddler dresses are either too expensive or the garments are not baby-friendly. 

Elite Dresses brings you affordable and comfortable baby and toddler dresses. It's hand picked and tested to be suited for the baby's delicate skin. These dresses are also available for bigger kids which are made perfect for sister dresses! 


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Girls Dresses Will be Available Soon!

Hi There! 

I am very happy to say that in a few days, Elite Dresses will launch new dress styles and petticoat (which by the way is a first for Elite Dresses). 
Please please stay tuned for the launching! 

Thank you for your continued support!

Fall Colors in Video

Here's a very nice, calming video I got from youtube about fall colors. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did

The colors of fall are very pleasing to the eye and this video just inspires me to sell more girls dresses in fall colors in the future (especially orange, or light/soft orange).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Women's Cheongsums Dresses Call

PhotobucketAnother call I got was asking me where to buy a Cheungsum in Atlanta.  I suggested the local Atlanta Chinatown, but they had already looked there.  Unfortunately we only sell Girl's Chinese Dresses.

Annoying Call of the Day

A typical junk call I get is for a firm that needs to confirm EliteDresses Free Listing on their online yellow pages.  I have no problem on confirming, but when they start to sell me, that gets old.

So today's after he started the sales speal I asked him where he was calling from.  Answer was the business was in Florida.  So I asked him if was physically located in Florida.  I did not get a clear answer.  Then I asked him about the senate elections in Florida. 

The response was he did not have time to discuss that.  I calmly explained he was not going to get a sale from me, and he kept on trying to sell me.  So I kept on trying to talk about the elections there and mentioning I was not going to buy.  After about 3 times of this, he got the hint and said bye.


Girls Dresses Sale of the Week: Colors of Fall Sale

Fall is here and embrace the new breeze brought by the season change with our fall dresses.
We bring you accessible and affordable fall dresses for your little girls.

Choose from many designs and colors on our sale page before the sale ends!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Dark Flowers or Light colored Flowers?

I've been asked several times by bride to be's regarding which is better on the photos and videos, dark colored flowers or light colored ones? 

My opinion is that dark colored flowers can really bring out the skills of a photographer because dark colors tend to work against everything that surrounds it. With improper lighting the flowers can be really dark- black hole and thus become too dull for a photo (unless it's a black and white or sepia photo). 

What I really suggest is use light colored flowers on the bride's bouquet as this will bring out the colors of her eyes and thus will look divine on photos! You can then choose to work with dark colored flowers for the rest of the entourage, for the arrangements and such- as long as you're not using black colored flowers, I think it will look just fine. 

Last option is to combine dark and light colored flowers! Work with your colors and do whatever makes you happy, besides it's your wedding! :)

For flower girl dresses, don't burden yourself with colors. Click here to view our flower girl dresses and fall in love.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Will Your Daughter Be This Halloween?

Does she want to be a princess on Halloween? With her tiara and her sparkly smile surely she will be pampered and given lots of treats!

Does she want to be a fairy? With her pixie dust and her glittery wings, she will surely enchant everyone. 

Does she want to be one of her favorite Chinese Heroine

Whatever she wants, we can help you select affordable Halloween costumes, Halloween dresses to complete your daughter's entire "Halloween look"

Here are links that could be very helpful on your quest for the right Halloween costume. Just remember that you don't have to break the bank to have the nicest Halloween costume for your kids! 

And the best news of all, Elite Dresses is having a Halloween SALE this week :) Click here to check our awesome dresses! Avail of cheap Halloween costumes today!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Stressful Day

Lillian got a return on Friday from the Post Office about 4PM on October 1st.  The person needed a larger dress and claimed she needed it for an event on the 6th (Wednesday).  We could not guarantee she would get the dress by then, so we called her to explain she would need to pay for Next Day to Guarantee it or cancel the order. 

We then found out she did not actually need it to Saturday, but just put the date so we would rush it.

We do our best to ship dresses out ASAP, so trust us :-)


Friday, October 1, 2010

Dress Return Policies - Wow

Some of the dress return policies out there - wow!

I just spent a bit of time looking around at some competitor sites return policy. I believe EliteDresses has the most Lenient Returns Policy. Our goal is to be fair to our customers and make returns as Easy as Possible.

Some Competitor Return Policies that I just shake my head at:

My comments are in italics :-)
  • Express Orders not eligible for returns - Totally disagree with this one. Even with an Express order sometimes a dress just does not work.
  • Restocking Fees - we don't charge a re-stocking fee at this time.
  • Returns within 7 day of receipt - we give 30 days at this time. With a wedding there is so much going on and 7 days is just not enough time. Over 30 days is too long. One customer wanted to return a dress at 75 days. Some dresses are seasonal.
  • No Returns/Exchange Policy - yes, this is from a real site
  • Flower Girls 28 days, all others dresses 14 days - how do you tell the difference?
  • No Refunds, Store Credit only with a 10% restocking fee for same color and item. 20% if different color or item. - Seems harsh.