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Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Halloween Costume Idea using Formal Girl's Dresses

With that beautiful formal dress stored in the closet, aside from being a princess this halloween, your little girl can also be a fairy.

Basics to add for a fairy costume are wands and wings. So you can make these or maybe get afforadable ones at the toy store.

Decide on a theme that will match your little fairy's look. She can have stars, flowers, hearts on her dress and accessories.

For example, if she wants to be a nature fairy, add flowers, vines or leaves on her wand. You can also strew pretty flowers or faux-vines in her hair.

If stars are her favorites you can put a star on her wand and fix her hair up and attach stars.

Her treat bag can also have the same design.

The nice thing about this costume is that even with strap on wings, the basic dress is comfortable to move about in as your little girl walks about and enjoys the holiday.

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