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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Costume Idea: Chinese Vampire

Little girl in Chinese vampire costume

My dad liked watching action movies, including Kung Fu ones, so I can say I grew up watching an assortment of martial arts movies.

One thing in the Chinese movies that scared the heebie-jeebies out of me is the Chinese vampire. I don't know why but their hopping really scared me.

Chinese vampires are unsettled spirits that occupy the dead body. They go hop-hop-hop in a straight line. As you laugh yourself off at this, they go suck your life out. An antidote to quiet the hopping ghost is to paste a yellow paper written with the correct death mantra on its forehead. It senses living beings by breathing, so if you see one hopping in your path, hold your breath in so it will not sense you are there.

Anyhoo, the Chinese vampire is an interesting costume for Halloween. To pull this off as a halloween costume for your daughter:
  • Pull out your little girl's Chinese cheung sam dress or pants set,
  • color her face white or pale green,
  • put a yellow paper with Chinese characters on her forehead
  • have a toy-vampire teeth that she can wear if she wants,
  • fake long nails are also okay to put on if she's a little bigger and won't scratch her face out
  • give her her treat bag
and send her off hopping out the door. You can also try making a Qing Dynasty hat for her to wear if you like.

Tell her that Chinese vampires hop so she can hop for that extra effect. If she gets tired from hopping, you can tell her, yes, she is allowed to walk. (heehee, you know kids...)

Hope you all have fun this halloween!

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