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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Popular Colors

An article about redecorating, but it shows what the current popular colors are:
Designer's Eye: Color is key

Off White, Champagne, Soft Green (Sage), blue gray, and tan.

Colors also have symbolic meaning, and I have articles on American Dress Color Symbolism and Cultural Meanings and Chinese Color Symbolism. I will need to research a bit on the symbology of the champagne color. It is a bit of an earth tone color which is in fashion this year.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here comes the prom

Here comes the prom from the Boston Herald

Scary article should I take out a 2nd mortgage for this :-)
  • Costs are getting out of control
  • Professional photos, dress of a lifetime, a professional planner

Monday, April 28, 2008

Flower girl fashion grows up

Flower girl fashion grows up

Key points:
  • My dresses are under priced! Per the article, flower girl dresses can cost anywhere from $60 to $600. And mine cost under $24.99
  • This spring we are seeing earthy colors, including soft blush pinks, champagne, cocoas, light greens - and I carry sage (light green), dusty rose, and champagne. No cocoas.
  • Dresses should be able to be worn 5-6 hours for the reception and wedding.
Some related articles on Elitedresses.com:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Prom Dresses - Finding the Perfect Dress

Prom Season is in full swing, and the hunt for the perfect dress is a challenge for the daughter's and their mothers. Good article from the Arizona Republic A mother-daughter dance Finding the perfect prom dress takes 2

A sad, but true quote:

"Every year, it gets harder and harder to find something," Wallace says. "The hemlines just keep going up, and the necklines get lower."

More article that goes into even more details - Schools get serious about prom attire and from a local paper, OC Register Prom dresses get sexier and flash more color

My girl's dresses only go up to size 16, but I have the same challenges.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Customer Dress Pictures

Customer Dress Pictures on EliteDresses.com - The pictures are wonderful and all the kids in them are so cute! I was blown away by how great the photos are. Everyone I have shown them to has a smile on their face after seeing them. 5 out of 5 so far...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dress Up - What is it?

I noticed there were a lot of searches for Dress Up. And then I got a call from a customer asking for dresses for a business of hosting dress up parties. Hmm... It seems there are web sites where you can dress up your favorite character in different clothes. This includes hosting tea parties for dress up. There also seem to be Princess themed, Disney, etc. themed dress up parties that include the costumes. And there are even that type parties for boys with fireman, cop, etc. costumes!

A cute business in Nebraska for DressUp Abigail's Parties

Dress up also seems to be a business term for kid's formal wear.

My 2 cents...

I think having a business with
Chinese Princess Dresses would be fun for doing dress up!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long Live the Dress (for Now)

Nice article from the Fashion Diary of the NY Time - Long Live the Dress (for Now).

Wow, there were $5 Billon dollars worth of dresses sold last year!

Girl's Dress Pictures - The Challenges

So one day you decide you want to sell Dresses. May be just to get sell some that your daughter has out grown on eBay. Since you already have an eBay account, it should be easy. Right?

No, there is some challenges. The biggest one being getting taking and displaying photos. I sold for a while on eBay and it was a good learning experience. I may start selling some items that are orphans (one left of a style and it's no longer produced).

What I have learned from selling on eBay and Elitedressses.com:
  1. Multiple pictures are important. On Girl's Dresses I usually have 5 pictures. The front, back, bow on the back, belt on the front, and picture of the shoulder. There are never to many pictures! And on Elitedressses.com they can click on the small picture (thumbnail), and see a larger picture!
  2. Using a mannequin helps. Putting the dress on a hanger so it's flat does not capture how it looks. A real model is the best, but that's a bit expensive. I saw a professional kids clothes shoot in Peace Park in San Pedro - expensive! They had an RV, the kids, parents, photographer, assistants, etc. My guess a couple hundred of dollars for each hour. And then watching them trying to get the kids to smile and look natural. Think of the poor photographer at Sears with your little princess.
  3. A colored background adds something.
  4. Props are nice when you get professional.
  5. Having the right camera helps to capture the correct color.
  6. Color, color, and color. I am stating to dislike color. Lighting can affect the photo of your dress and show the wrong color. Different computer screens show color differently. If needed, use photoshop as needed to adjust for the right color.
  7. I don't even want to talk about reflections. Some dresses are so shiny it's hard to take pictures. I am still working on this!
  8. Backgrounds - yes! Colored sheets work great. Or you can go buy some professional ones.
The sage dress turned out well in this photo.

Girl's beautiful light green sleeveless formal dress
Girl's beautiful sage sleeveless formal dress
List Price: $48.00
Our Price: $24.99
You Save $23.01!

Girl's beautiful sage sleeveless formal dress. The dress features a light green satin top and light green chiffon skirts.

Nice picture, but no head :-) There are rules for taking headless photos per a photographer I met, but I don't know them yet :-)
Girl's beautiful Peach and White sleeveless formal dress
Girl's beautiful Peach and White sleeveless formal dress
List Price: $48.00
Our Price: $24.99
You Save $23.01!

The dress features Peach Satin Top and White Organza Skirt. Peach satin ribbon in back to create a beautiful bow. Three large flowers of peach and white organza in front.

Super clear picture and since my dummy is a mannequin that's why I went for my headless one.
Boy's Blue Traditional Chinese Pants Set
Boy's Chinese Blue Traditional Costume Pants Set
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $19.95
You Save $10.04!

Boy's Blue Traditional Chinese Pants Set with frog buttons (embroidered), mandarin collar, dragon brocade, golden edging, and includes a hat with a pigtail!

First Communion Girl's Dresses

A beautiful dress for First Communion is Girl's beautiful White Organza and Satin formal dress with lace and pearl details,

The dress is a brilliant white, has beautiful organza, and nice pearls (not real).

I need to get some more dresses that would be appropriate for First Communion.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My First Blog Post!

My goal with this blog is to have posts that are interesting to my customers! Such as about new products, articles, and related topics.

For example, my wonderful, talented daughter just redid the banner on www.elitedresses.com at the top. The pictures of two cute girls in the banner do give it a nice feeling, but there is no tag line telling what EliteDresses.com does, as my current one - Beautiful Girl's Dresses for your Little Princess.

Unfortunately she did not tell me before uploading it. I gave her permission to create a new one, but I don't remember the permission for uploading :-) Her Spring Break just ended so she won't be sharing the office with me again for a while.