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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sale of the Week: 4th of July Sale!

Red, White and Blue are the perfect colors this coming holiday and that's why EliteDresses is putting dresses with those colors on sale.

Girl's beautiful burgundy sleeveless formal dress
Girl's beautiful burgundy sleeveless formal dress
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $29.99
You Save $20.00!

The dress features burgundy satin top and burgundy chiffon skirts. Burgundy chiffon ribbon in back to create a beautiful bow. Two layers of skirts: burgundy chiffon over burgundy satin.

Girl's White Satin sleeveless formal dress
Girl's beautiful White Satin sleeveless formal dress with wide pink bow
List Price: $48.00
Our Price: $29.99
You Save $18.01!

The dress features a white satin top, a gathered skirt and a wide pink ribbon for accent color with a beautiful bow in back. Peach and white organza in front.

Girl's beautiful Blue sleeveless formal dress
Girl's beautiful Blue sleeveless formal dress
List Price: $48.00
Our Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $29.99
You Save $18.01!

The dress features Blue satin with an empire waist line. Blue satin ribbon in back to create a beautiful bow. Simple flat satin bow in front creates an interesting detail.

These are just few of the pieces we put on sale for you this week. Head on to our 4th of July Sale and feast!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tea Ceremony Helped Defeat a fierce Warlord

I'm talking about the scenes and the plots in the movie, Red Cliff. It's a Chinese epic film which is based on the Battle of Red Cliffs and the era is after the Han Dynasty. The film was directed by none other than John Woo with stars that are all big names in China. The movie gained awards and nomination too. It was pretty amazing and inspiring to watch.

It was about a fierce warlord, Cao Cao, who convinced the Emperor to get rid of the Southern warlords for they are potential rebels against the Emperial Court. When in truth, Cao Cao convinced the Emperor for an ulterior motive--that is to be the only remaining warlord so he can enthrone the Emperor easily. He was fierce and unforgiving so many warlords chose to vow loyalty to him so he will spare their lives. But the great battle was yet to come when the warlords of Liu Bei, and Sun Quan joined forces. The movie was full of war strategies that I'm sure you haven't seen in any other Chinese or American war movies. It was indeed all original concepts.

For every fierce warrior, there's an achilles heel. And Cao Cao's was the wife of the Sun Quan warlord, Zhou Yu. Cao Cao have met Xiao Qiao years back and have fallen in love with her beauty and since then vowed to get her and marry her. When the time came that Cao Cao's army and Zhou Yu's army faced off, Xiao Qiao secretly went to Cao Cao's camp wanting to persuade him to stop his evil plans and live the good people of Red Cliff alone but she failed. Xiao Qiao knew that Zhou Yu's army was out numbered and they needed time to make nature's power turn to their favor so she distracts Cao Cao with her famous tea ceremony. She wore her best Cheungsam and gathered her materials and lured Cao Cao with a cup. She then demonstrated and explained the process of the ceremony......

Cao Cao's army was defeated because their strategies failed because the wind has changed direction by the time Xiao Qiao finished her tea ceremony. Zhou Yu and his out numbered army won and the people lived harmoniously again.

You should watch the movie yourself. I just don't advise to tag your kids along since the war scenes are too graphic for them. Just so you would have an idea how tea ceremonies are done a long time ago.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


We've changed our blog templates! :)

We want to keep it neat and simple...so there :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Chinese Tea Party!

When I was little, I never experienced tea parties. It's not part of our culture to celebrate one. I just knew that tea existed because my Mom drinks one every morning. But then when I became aware of the existence of tea parties and the importance of tea, I knew right then that I want my daughter to experience it even on the early age--- incorporating play and learn.

When she's a bit older, I'll invite her friends over at our home and host a mini-Chinese Tea Party. I plan to decorate one are of our home with Chinese lanterns, Chinese fans and other Oriental knick knacks. I have to prepare different Cheungsam and Qi paos for them too and let each one choose which one they like best...of course they get to keep it. :)

Aside from teaching them the actual process of Chinese Tea Ceremony, I'll prepare activities for them too such as making Chinese crafts or teaching them simple Chinese words--- it couldn't be that hard, would it?

It need not be expensive. Just a little imagination and creativeness this can be done. Plus the girls will truly love it!

Hey, why don't you try it too? Then tell me all about it or better yet send some photos!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chinese Tea Ceremony: It's Importance

(image from Google)

Tea is actually part of China's culture. Chinese Tea ceremony differs greatly from that of English, British and Japanese Tea ceremony. Aside from being the customary drink, Chinese use tea as their herbal medicine and as part of their cuisine as well. Tea is also one of the seven daily necessities in traditional Chinese, the others being firewood, rice, oil, soy sauce, vinegar, and salt.

There are different Chinese customs that would give meaning to Chinese Tea ceremony:

1. Chinese Tea Ceremony on Wedding Day
This is customary especially to large families so they could meet the other family and exchange warm welcomes. During the tea ceremony the couple will call on each family member according to their title. Drinking the tea means acceptance of both family. Most of the time, the elders will give red envelopes to the couple.

2. To Apologize
Classic example is when children pour tea for their parents would mean they are asking for their forgiveness.

3. Family Gatherings
Usually when Chinese children leave home for school or marriage they would meet their parents and family members on a Sunday over lunch and after on a Tea house.

4. Sign of respect
The young ones can treat their elders on tea houses especially on holidays to show their respect. Or when higher ranking persons come to visit them, they pour tea for them.

Now, why on earth do I blog about this? Well, EliteDresses decided that summer is a fun season to teach little girls the importance of Chinese tea ceremony thorough a recreation of their very own Chinese Tea Party! It would be nice if the girls wear their best Cheongsam complete with hairpieces.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ED: Sale of the Week: Chinese Tea Party!

Chinese Tea Party Sale!
Vietnamese Girl's Pink ao dais with White Pants
Vietnamese Girl's Pink Ao Dai Cuoi with White Pants
List Price: $34.99
Our Price: $24.99
You Save $10.00!

  • Size 5 only.
  • Pink Brocade Dress top with Mandarin Collar with white pants.
  • Perfect for Weddings and Special Occasions!
Girl's Purple QiPao Traditional Chinese Dress
Girl's Purple Traditional QiPao Chinese Dress
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $19.99
You Save $10.00!

Purple is symbolic of wealth and winter in the Chinese Culture! Dark purple fabric is brocaded with shiny purple bamboo and plum blossoms. Bamboo and plum blossoms symbolize long life. Get your darling little princess this beautiful purple Chinese dress (QiPao or qi pao).

Girl's Red QiPao Chinese Dress Traditional  qi pao
Girl's Red Traditional Chinese QiPao Dress
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $19.99
You Save $10.00!

Girl's beautiful red traditional Chinese dress (QiPao or qi pao). Red is symbolic of good luck, vitality, and the New Year in the Chinese Culture! Gold brocaded Red Cloth of bamboo and plum leaves are symbolic of longevity.