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Friday, June 26, 2009

Chinese Tea Party!

When I was little, I never experienced tea parties. It's not part of our culture to celebrate one. I just knew that tea existed because my Mom drinks one every morning. But then when I became aware of the existence of tea parties and the importance of tea, I knew right then that I want my daughter to experience it even on the early age--- incorporating play and learn.

When she's a bit older, I'll invite her friends over at our home and host a mini-Chinese Tea Party. I plan to decorate one are of our home with Chinese lanterns, Chinese fans and other Oriental knick knacks. I have to prepare different Cheungsam and Qi paos for them too and let each one choose which one they like best...of course they get to keep it. :)

Aside from teaching them the actual process of Chinese Tea Ceremony, I'll prepare activities for them too such as making Chinese crafts or teaching them simple Chinese words--- it couldn't be that hard, would it?

It need not be expensive. Just a little imagination and creativeness this can be done. Plus the girls will truly love it!

Hey, why don't you try it too? Then tell me all about it or better yet send some photos!

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