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Monday, January 11, 2016

Where are you Located?

A person in New York called and wanted to know where Elitedresses is located, so they could stop by our showroom. I answered near Los Angeles.

The number of these calls I have gotten has gone down since I added a note we are an online only dress seller. I may need to see where else I can add a note.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Stress is everywhere in our current world, Our bodies were made for a world, where stress was infrequent and sudden, and you had all day to recover from it. Our current world is stress all the time.

Some Stress Reduction Tips I have learned:
- Mindfulness
- Baths are good to reduce stress
- Exercise
- Good diet helps
- Social Support is important

Three-quarters of women suffer from stress-related anxiety - Telegraph

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How to be the perfect Wedding Guest

How to Be the Perfect Wedding Guest - Huffington Post

  1. Let the professional take the photos.
  2. Don't be a high maintenance guest
  3. If the invite says no kids, don't bring them.
  4. RSVP if your going, and if your RSVP then go.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Missionettes Celebration

I finally found my notes about the person who ordered what I consider a first communion dress for a religious graduation. The word she used was Missionettes, I blogged about it here where I did not remember the name 100% - Girls Ministry Celebration Dress.

So I did a little searching on the Internet after I found my notes.

Mpact Girls Club used to be known as Missionettes Girls Club. Why the name change? Branding. Just like my daughter's school, Christian Chapel rebranded as Southlands Christian Schools. I still call it Christian Chapel :-)

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Girls Ministries Celebration Dresses

Girls Club Celebration Dresses

I got an order today for a DAG1200. A dress that is usually for First Communions. I was surprised, since First Communion Season is past. So I asked what occasion the dress was for...
It was for something called MPACT Celebration.

Something new. Looks very nice and the dress is amazing. The one negative on the dress is they run large, so I double checked the measurements on the dress by actually measuring the dress to be shipped. The customer decided to go with a size 8, instead of a 10.

Learn More - Embroidered and Elegant First Communion Dress

Embroidered and Elegant First Communion Dress

Retail Price: $189.99
Our Price: $114.99
Sale Price: $104.99
You Save: $85.00

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Petticoat Q&A

A question I got from a customer on a Petticoat. I have not seen her order, so I may scared her from ordering :-(

She was ordering 9 months in advance, and kids do grow...

Hello Lillian,
I am interested in this beautiful Ivory dress for my Grand daughter and Great nieces, to wear in my wedding.

The ceremony will be held in our church, and my question is about  the length of the skirt.
I specifically would like them to be in a tea length dress, that will keep its length when paired with PT 4 - tea length petticoat.

Please let me know if this is possible, or let me know the perfect slip to with this dress.
Wedding colors are Ivory, Aqua, and Gold.. will order sash  in aqua.
Thank you,


My Answer:

Dear B,

I am not sure when you plan on ordering, but I would order closer to the date.

I sell very few petticoats, probably only 2% of dresses or less have somebody order a petticoat. They do give a wonderful fluffy look for a dress. The length is usually not the challenge with a petticoat, but how fluffy the person wants it.
The PT 4 is from a company that specializes in first communion, so my guess is it's meant for more of a floor length dress.  I would look at the half petticoat.
Girls Dress Boutique

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Credit Card Refund Times

Credit Card Process as I understand it:

How credit cards work on the Internet is confusing. This is what I have picked up over the last 10+ years and a bit of research on the web, asking questions, and experience.

Authorize - Says I can charge you for X amount. Charge appears on your credit card statement. Appears instantly. For both Credit and Debit Cards. The headache is if a credit/credit card is turned down the bank still sees the charge. And for debit cards, they take the money out of the account until the bank in a few days sees the charge did not go through. The debit card issue can be speeded up with a conference call.

Capture - I tell bank will charge this amount.

Void - Ends transaction. Can be done to authorized payments. My guess 2-3 days.

Refund - Can only be done if I have received payment (captured). Takes 2-14 days for your bank to process. The timing above depends on the bank, and I don't understand why they take so long on the refund part. The charge part is super fast! I guess there is less incentive for the banks to process refunds quickly.

Prepaid Credit Cards - A nightmare from my little experience with refunds on them for my personal use. I don't remember this issue coming up with any of my customer refudns.

Expired Card Refunds - With all the card cancellations due to data breaches, cough Home Depot, Ashley Madison, Target, etc) people get new cards all the time. My understanding is your bank tries to match up the old card that was refunded to your new card. I asked my payment gateway this specifically.

Refund Periods - Normally I can only process refunds
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Multi-Use Summer Party Dresses for Girls

Get the Most Out of a Girl’s Party Dress—How to Recycle a Party Dress for Multiple Events











Get the Most Out of a Girl’s Party Dress—How to Recycle a Party Dress for Multiple Events

For that special summer event, you want your girl to have a beautiful dress that fills her with joy and confidence. However, you also know that girls’ party dresses are often far too expensive while limited in their usefulness. If you are about to invest in a special-occasion dress, you may be surprised to learn that the latest trends in girls’ party dresses include styles that are convertible to multiple environments. Before you spend a lot of money on a one-time-use dress, discover why even girls’ party dresses embrace the current trend of a ‘mix and match” philosophy that even the most posh fashionistas flaunt.

The Duchess Kate Middleton is perhaps the singularly-most watched style celebrity, and even she demonstrates that her wardrobe is not a “one-time-use” affair. She cleverly reuses items in new and inventive ways. Your girl’s summer party dress can easily convert into a perfect fall frock with the right bolero or sweater. Kids outgrow clothes quickly, but well-selected dresses can certainly last through multiple seasons. Special-occasion dresses don’t need to be cheap articles that are more for show than longevity or comfort. When you shop carefully, and stay on top of industry insight rather than trends, you can make your girl’s dress last much longer than a one-occasion affair. If you employ a little creativity, the right dress selection can go from a party, to church, to a wedding, and finally to a fun family reunion. At Elite Dresses, we help our clients by providing the best variety of all-occasion party dresses for girls. Make the most of your investment and check out our weekly sales for even more inspiration. Let your little girl shine, whenever and wherever.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Flower Girl Reception Ideas

The Best Wedding Receptions—Ideas to Incorporate Your Flower Girl and Other Child Guests

The Best Wedding Receptions—Ideas to Incorporate Your Flower Girl and Other Child Guests

Once the formal wedding is over, your reception is the chance for your guests to kick back, relax, and enjoy celebrating your marriage with frivolity and fun. While you adult guests have plenty of food, music, dancing, and drinks to entertain, what about your flower girl and other young ones? With a little creativity and a lot of good cheer, you can help make your wedding fun for each and every guest. Here are some ideas for incorporating kids into your wedding reception:

  • Creative kids tables—When people leave your reception, they won’t remember the centerpieces or song list. They will remember experiences. Pinterest is full of crafty, fun kids’ tables. Whether you go with sedate printables or full-on crafts, your little guests will end up being a highlight of the night, and not a later, not-in-a-good-way talking point.

  • Kids’ dance—If you envision a fun night of dancing for your guests, plan on at least some special kids-oriented dancing. Depending on your schedule, this could be a few songs early on, or one song each during specified time brackets. Not only will this give kids something to look forward to, but the photo opportunities will also be priceless.
  •  Kid-friendly food—Children are notoriously picky, and you will gain praise from both your little guests and their parents if you have something on the menu that is appealing to younger palettes.
  • Above and beyond—If you are hosting a large contingent of children, you may want to consider a special “Kids’ Room” for your reception.  Armed with activities and entertainment, this room can be an out-of-sight space for them to let loose. However, if you go this route, you should remember that supervision is essential. Whether you get family volunteer or provide qualified sitters, you need to place safety and supervision above all else.

At Elite Dresses, we know that your wedding is special, and we want to give you the tools, tips, and perfect attire to satisfy both your flower girls and all of your young participants. Check out this week’s sale, and start planning the most memorable reception your friends have ever seen!

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Flower Girl Mom or Caregiver—Tips for getting their help

Flower Girl Etiquette—Why Her Caregiver Deserves Consideration


Flower Girl Etiquette—Why Her Caregiver Deserves Consideration

You want your wedding day to go off without a hitch, and while you have a lot on your plate, you can’t forget the people that make your special day possible. Your flower girl adds an adorable and memorable component to your day, but in the flurry of wedding planning and execution, how can you make sure that she isn’t lost in the shuffle? Whether your flower girl is an adorable niece or a distant family friend, her mom or caregiver is your best resource for setting her up for success. When planning your wedding, you need to establish a good relationship with her caregiver to ensure that your flower girl will have a good experience.

Why is Your Flower Girl’s Caregiver Important?
  • You are asking a lot of them—You may think that your selected flower girl is overjoyed at the prospect, but her caregiver has just been given a big responsibility. He or she is now tasked with paying for a significant expensive, one-time-use dress, showing up to multiple events, and stressing out over ways to make that little angel behave and perform.
  • They are essential to your flower girl’s participation—From helping her learn what is expected, to getting her ready, your flower girl’s caregiver is her ultimate source of information and support. Your need to communicate with this person courteously and effectively at all times, and always make sure that you give your flower girl’s needs consideration.
  • They are can be a great asset—If the caregiver is not in the wedding, you still know that he or she will be another present person at multiple events. You may be able to utilize this to help in other areas. Just be sure that you approach this possibility with ultimate caution and ultimate courtesy.

After your wedding, remember that your flower girl’s caregivers deserve equal thanks and acknowledgement. They were an unseen hand that created your picture-perfect moments, and you should treat them as such.

Need the perfect dress for your flower girl? Check out this week’s specials from Elite Dresses!

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