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Friday, April 17, 2015

Party Girl Dresses - Professional Vs. Home Made Banner

Professional Vs. Home Made Banners? 

Which one won?

New Banner:

For our party girls page, I recently got a professionally done banner by an amazing Graphic Artist / Web designer. ABlank Studios. The owner does A+ work.

The banner is beautifully done, and full of color and images, and tells you its for a party. There are even balloons across the top!

Previous Banner:

The current party girls banner was done by Jocelyn Spears who used to work with us, before she went back to school full time.  This banner has actual customer pictures in it, not professional models. The pictures are amazing, and communicate so much positive emotion. I deeply appreciate their parents's permission to use their photo.

The banner I regard as more minimalist than the professional one. The design is strikes me as more classic in design and not as busy.


The customer picture banner did better than the other banner. The page is a challenging one to work with, because Elitedresses sells girls dresses, basically for girls under age 14. Our biggest selling sizes is size 6-10. But, the word girls can also apply to women over 18.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Awww, What Cute Dresses!

The customer sound for this week, is Awww! 

I was called up to get a bit of technical help, and the Technical Support lady looked at my site, and said "Awww, how cute. I just got several girls at my house". I was totally surprised at the comment.

And a friend who was giving their 2 cents about my site, also used the word Awww this week.

Awww is such a wonderful compliment!

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How to write a Nice Return Request

This is a really nice way to request a return!

hank you for the beautiful dresses.  Sadly, the White Lace Dress with Lavender Slip is just a little too small for my daughter.  We would like to return it.  Thank you for your assistance and for having such lovely, appropriate dresses available.

Marie B

The dresses Marie ordered.

Learn More - Girls White Lace Dress with Lavender Slip
Girls White Lace Dress with Lavender Slip 
Retail Price: $84.99
Our Price: $54.99
You Save: $30.00
(1 review)

Learn More - Pink Off Shoulder Dress With A-Line Gathered Satin Skirt
Pink Off Shoulder Dress With A-Line Gathered Satin Skirt 
Retail Price: $91.99
Our Price: $59.99
Sale Price:
You Save: $42.00
(2 reviews)

What is interesting is both dresses were the same size theoretically, but per the size chart the the only difference is the length.

Shoulder to Hem

Shoulder to Hem


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7 Days to Find out Can't Ship for another 11-14 Days?

Some days I wonder about my competition.

I just got a call last night about this First Communion Dress, asking if I could ship it. The customer explained, they had placed an order with another company, and was told after a week, it would not be available for another 11-14 days. I assured her, if there are any issues we get back to our customers within 1 business day. It's makes for happier customers which is our goal.

DCI1270 is a super cute dress

Learn More - Girls White Party Dress with Matching Bolero

Girl's White Formal Dress with Matching Bolero

Retail Price: $111.99
Our Price: $49.99
You Save: $62.00

I logged into  Elite Dresses and saw we had stock. And then to make sure I physically got the item. She then asked if the Bolero was removable, and how long it would take, I said it would ship out tomorrow, and it would take a week to get to her. She then placed her orders.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Party Girl Dress Page Redesign

Party Girl Dress Page Redesign

I am working on redesigning the page, party girl dresses page. It's a challenging project.

Goals of the project are:

1. Make it so Google likes the page.
2. Make it visually appealing to our actual buyers.


1. The term Party Girl Dresses is very generic. It includes our customers, as well as a lot of non-customers. With Google, we want to attract customers, but not the others.

2. Keeping the page so both Mothers (our usual buyers) and their daughters like the page.

3. Snippet is so so.

4. Fonts are not consistent. This page used Helvetica, and per my graphic designer, it should be Raleway, a Google Font.. This is a neat video about Helvetica. A goal with a good web page, is not have to many fonts.

5. Banner is not very partish.

6. Text, a bit generic.

Snippet Ideas:

The snippet this is the text that Google sees when you type the search term, party girls.

Snippet Text Google Shows:

Get your daughter the perfect party dress. Beautiful, Stylish, and Guaranteed. Dresses you and her will love that are age appropriate and affordable from size 2 ...

Snippet Text I have:

Get your daughter the perfect party dress. Beautiful, Stylish, and Guaranteed. Dresses you and her will love that are age appropriate and affordable from size 2 to 16! Free Shipping & Returns*

So Google cut it off after the 2. Hmm.

Issues with this:

1. Size 2 is much younger than our typical purchase.
2. Nothing about free shipping or returns

Snippet Challenges:

1. This probably makes it a low click through. The headache with Google, is you can't test it to see what works. A good rule of thumb, is always test. Since you really don't know what will work.

2. Google, can and will select their own snippet.

3. The snippet needs to say, we sell girls dresses, not dresses for ages over 16. The term girls dress, can also be used for ages 18-28 dresses.

Revised Snippet:

Get your daughter the perfect party girls dress. Beautiful, Stylish, and Guaranteed with Free Shipping & Returns. You and her will love our dresses, that are age appropriate and affordable!


The current banner I like, it has two super cute customer pictures on it, but it's not very Party focused.
Current Party Girl Dresses Banner

An Old Banner:

I have redesigned banner I may be using that is more party focused. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Why you don't want a dress too tight

Why you don't want a dress too tight for your little Girl!

Please, always order a bit larger.


  1. If you order too tight, your child will have problems breathing
  2. Little girls can be a bit active, so having a dress too tight is courting disaster.
  3. It will be hard to get the dress on and off.
  4. If your in colder weather, you will want additional room for under-garments. If a dress is too tight, this will be a headache.
  5. Some dresses do not stretch, because of the type of fabric used.
  6. You are risking popping the seams of some dresses if it's to tight.
  7. The dress will bite under the arms, and be uncomfortable to wear.
  8. Kids grow, especially if your ordering far in advance of an occasion.
  9. Most dresses can be adjusted a bit with a belt, so there is no reason to have the dress too tight.

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Why is that amazing Dress discontinued?

Why is that amazing Dress discontinued?

We get these calls all the time.

Typical Conversation:

I would like XZY dress in a size 10? Do you still have it. It's a super beautiful dress that would be perfect for my daughter! And I can't find it anywhere else.

That is a beautiful dress, but I am sorry, we only have it a size 2 available. The dress is no longer made. I believe the reason is the manufacturer could not source any more fabric.

Would this other dress work?

So why do dresses get discontinued?

Fabric Availablity

Sometimes the fabric is no longer available. I have seen this happen several times, where the dress manufacturer is no longer able to get the fabric.

Quality Issues:

There are to many quality issues. I have seen this with a Cotton Dress that is super beautiful, unfortunately the fabric has quality issues. And since the manufacturer only makes a few dollars per dress, having a bunch of quality issues is a huge problem.


Some dresses are only made seasonally.

Out of Style

Some dresses go out of style. An example is, one of our major suppliers is seeing lower demand for long dresses, so they are discontinuing many styles.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Contact us: Sizing

From Julie:

I am interested in purchasing a dress for my daughter. She is six years old and weighs about 50 pounds. I am a bit confused on your sizing chart. What size would you suggest her get in one of her dresses?

Each dress has it's own size chart. Their is a graphic button that says Size Chart, next to the pull down to select a size.
Sizes vary depending on the style of dress.

If you can give me a the url or product code of the dress your looking at, I can give a better answer.
What size dress does she usually wear?

>Thx for your response. She usually wears a 6/6x now. When I clicked on the size chart link, it took >me to more dresses, not a size chart. I will email a pic of the dress we like.


(Figured out which dress is it

A size 6 should work then, this dress is a regular size. Size chart below.

The only reason I have seen for returns is for those with sensitive skin, since sequins can irritate.

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Contact Us: Delivery Time

From Courtney looking at the Capped Sleeve Gold Party Dress with Floral

>If I order a dress from you guys how long will it take to receive my order

2-3 days with priority mail, so Wednesday or Thursday if your in the US, and order before 10AM Monday morning

And a follow up question:

>can i return the dresses if they are not what I would like them to be or if they are the wrong size?
Yes - No problem on returns


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Contact Us: Location in fort Lauderdale?

No, we are located in beautiful Southern California.

Today is a nice day with blue skies.

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