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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Can I be your Flower Girl?

Can I be your Flower Girl?http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/she-wanted-be-flower-girl-she-needed-wedding-n155631#FlowerGirl #marriage #wedding

Posted by Elite Dresses on Wednesday, June 17, 2015
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Father's Day Dress Sale

I know, because of shipping time this sale should have been done last week :-)

Next Year!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Memories or Tears and Tantrums--How Can You Be Sure Your Flower Girl Will Behave?

Whether you are the bride, or the mother of the flower girl, you are probably worried about getting that precious sweetheart down the aisle without incident. We’ve all seen those funny videos of flower girl antics, and while we get a good laugh, we are petrified that this could happen to us. Here are some tips to set a first-time flower girl up for success:
  • Don’t try to force a reluctant child into being a flower girl—While you may want your adorable niece to fill the position, you could be setting her up for failure by pressuring her into a role that she isn’t yet emotionally or developmentally able to handle. Keep the child’s disposition and level of development in mind when selecting your flower girl.

  • Be realistic about your time-frame—Wedding days are long, full of preparation, pictures and unforeseen delays. As the mom, you need to be upfront with the bride about your child’s schedule (naps, meals, etc.), as well as her limits. For example, if your child does not have the patience to wait for extended periods, discuss a later arrival time with the bride to maximize on your daughter’s attention span. For brides, talk with the child’s mother and figure out how you can tweak the schedule so that her routine isn’t excessively disrupted.

  • Provide activities to keep her entertained—Plan on something to keep her attention during prep time. A tablet, DVD, new toy or other distraction will help avoid boredom that leads to meltdowns.

  • Save dressing her for last—Inevitably, the flower girl is going to want a snack or a drink, and you don’t need the stress of worrying about whether she will stain her dress. Furthermore, a hungry or thirsty child is not a happy child. Make sure her meal schedule isn’t hampered.

  • Practice makes perfect—Allow for plenty of practice and rehearsal. Parents can practice with her at home, but she still will need the opportunity to get comfortable in the venue. Even the most outgoing child can freeze and panic in unfamiliar settings. Empower her at the rehearsal so she knows exactly what will happen.

Above all else, remember that life is not perfect. Even with the best planning, you may still end up with a rogue flower girl who makes a mistake or does something silly. Before you get frustrated, remember that she is still a child and she doesn’t need to feel the pressure or responsibility for someone else’s idea of perfection. In the end, the memories of the day need to be positive.  Treat your flower girl with the same care and consideration as your family and wedding party, and you will help her shine in her awesome role.

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Who should Pay for the Flower Girl Dress?

Spotlight On Wedding Etiquette—Who Should Pay for the Flower Girl Dress?

With the impending arrival of summer, we are fast approaching the busiest season for weddings. With that, wedding etiquette often emerges as a hot-button topic for debate, especially if you are in the process of planning your own wedding. Who should you invite to be in your wedding party? Who pays for what? All of these questions may seem simple, but anytime you approach an event with so many emotions and so much money involved, you definitely have the potential for hurt feelings if you’re not careful.

Get Real—A Little Consideration Goes a Long Way

Let’s be honest—your wedding is your big day, but it’s certainly not a free pass to disregard the needs and feelings of others. When selecting attire for your wedding party, including flower girl dresses, you need to keep your participants comfort and budget in mind. You may love that gorgeous, hand-beaded, chiffon explosion of a flower girl dress, but the mother of the child will probably balk at the budget-busting price tag. As adorable as you think your wedding selections are, always remember that your friends and family are doing you a favor, and many will spend upwards of hundreds of dollars on your event. Considering that they will probably only wear these garments once, selections that disregard their budgets are a recipe for resentment.

With all this debate on wedding etiquette, where does the flower girl come in? Traditionally, all members of a wedding party are expected to pay for their own attire, and the same goes for the flower girl dress. However, if you can afford it, purchasing the dress yourself is a truly thoughtful gesture to both the child and her parents, especially since she will most likely outgrow the dress before getting any additional use out of it. By purchasing the dress yourself, you are extending kindness and consideration toward your flower girl’s. However, bear in mind that even if you purchase the dress yourself, you should still be cognizant of what the child’s parents feel is age-appropriate.

If you decide to leave the dress purchasing to the parents, make sure you do your research and provide them with options that are affordable and that you know are available. If they have to scour the internet, only to find that a dress is discontinued, they will definitely not appreciate the wasted time and effort. Make it as easy as possible so that everyone can enjoy your wedding day, especially your precious flower girl!

Looking for an affordable dress for your flower girl? Check out our Flower Girls Dresses to discover the most popular looks at bargain prices!

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Black Dress Season?

 I noticed recently we were selling a lot of Girls Black Dresses. The unusual part, is it's June. June 21 is the start of Summer,and Black is not a summer or Spring Color. So I asked my customers what occasions they were buying for?

The answers were:
  • Flower Girl or Brides Maid for Weddings
  • Funerals - always heart breaking for us.
  • Graduations - Per one customer, the school required it and the black dress against with a Red Robe looked wonderful. No pictures yet...
One customer mentioned their huge frustration that regular stores don't carry Black Dresses in June.

Some cute customer photos:

Black Junior Girls Party Dress
Mia loved her dress and now needs a bigger one lol
-Sean April W.

Black Satin Bodice and Mesh Floral Skirt Dress with Rhinestone Waistline
My daughter and granddaughters were flower girls their Uncle's wedding. They looked adorable in their matching black dresses!
Thank you,
-Paulette M

Girls' Black Party Dress with Lace Bodice
Vanessa in her black party dress with lace bodice   

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Girls Blue Dress Sale

Blue Girls Dress Sale has a wonderful banner that shows a lot of beautiful dresses that are on weekly sale.

Blue is the color of water, the sea, and blue and one of the seven colors of the rainbow. It's a base color. It's a calming color that in the West, symbolizes faith. It has a calming effect. Blue is seen as reliable and responsible. And no, this does not explain why Blue Jeans, are blue. The reason blue jeans are blue, is they used Indigo.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Party Girl Dresses - Professional Vs. Home Made Banner

Professional Vs. Home Made Banners? 

Which one won?

New Banner:

For our party girls page, I recently got a professionally done banner by an amazing Graphic Artist / Web designer. ABlank Studios. The owner does A+ work.

The banner is beautifully done, and full of color and images, and tells you its for a party. There are even balloons across the top!

Previous Banner:

The current party girls banner was done by Jocelyn Spears who used to work with us, before she went back to school full time.  This banner has actual customer pictures in it, not professional models. The pictures are amazing, and communicate so much positive emotion. I deeply appreciate their parents's permission to use their photo.

The banner I regard as more minimalist than the professional one. The design is strikes me as more classic in design and not as busy.


The customer picture banner did better than the other banner. The page is a challenging one to work with, because Elitedresses sells girls dresses, basically for girls under age 14. Our biggest selling sizes is size 6-10. But, the word girls can also apply to women over 18.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Awww, What Cute Dresses!

The customer sound for this week, is Awww! 

I was called up to get a bit of technical help, and the Technical Support lady looked at my site, and said "Awww, how cute. I just got several girls at my house". I was totally surprised at the comment.

And a friend who was giving their 2 cents about my site, also used the word Awww this week.

Awww is such a wonderful compliment!

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How to write a Nice Return Request

This is a really nice way to request a return!

hank you for the beautiful dresses.  Sadly, the White Lace Dress with Lavender Slip is just a little too small for my daughter.  We would like to return it.  Thank you for your assistance and for having such lovely, appropriate dresses available.

Marie B

The dresses Marie ordered.

Learn More - Girls White Lace Dress with Lavender Slip
Girls White Lace Dress with Lavender Slip 
Retail Price: $84.99
Our Price: $54.99
You Save: $30.00
(1 review)

Learn More - Pink Off Shoulder Dress With A-Line Gathered Satin Skirt
Pink Off Shoulder Dress With A-Line Gathered Satin Skirt 
Retail Price: $91.99
Our Price: $59.99
Sale Price:
You Save: $42.00
(2 reviews)

What is interesting is both dresses were the same size theoretically, but per the size chart the the only difference is the length.

Shoulder to Hem

Shoulder to Hem


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7 Days to Find out Can't Ship for another 11-14 Days?

Some days I wonder about my competition.

I just got a call last night about this First Communion Dress, asking if I could ship it. The customer explained, they had placed an order with another company, and was told after a week, it would not be available for another 11-14 days. I assured her, if there are any issues we get back to our customers within 1 business day. It's makes for happier customers which is our goal.

DCI1270 is a super cute dress

Learn More - Girls White Party Dress with Matching Bolero

Girl's White Formal Dress with Matching Bolero

Retail Price: $111.99
Our Price: $49.99
You Save: $62.00

I logged into  Elite Dresses and saw we had stock. And then to make sure I physically got the item. She then asked if the Bolero was removable, and how long it would take, I said it would ship out tomorrow, and it would take a week to get to her. She then placed her orders.

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