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Friday, August 14, 2015

Missionettes Celebration

I finally found my notes about the person who ordered what I consider a first communion dress for a religious graduation. The word she used was Missionettes, I blogged about it here where I did not remember the name 100% - Girls Ministry Celebration Dress.

So I did a little searching on the Internet after I found my notes.

Mpact Girls Club used to be known as Missionettes Girls Club. Why the name change? Branding. Just like my daughter's school, Christian Chapel rebranded as Southlands Christian Schools. I still call it Christian Chapel :-)

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Girls Ministries Celebration Dresses

Girls Club Celebration Dresses

I got an order today for a DAG1200. A dress that is usually for First Communions. I was surprised, since First Communion Season is past. So I asked what occasion the dress was for...
It was for something called MPACT Celebration.

Something new. Looks very nice and the dress is amazing. The one negative on the dress is they run large, so I double checked the measurements on the dress by actually measuring the dress to be shipped. The customer decided to go with a size 8, instead of a 10.

Learn More - Embroidered and Elegant First Communion Dress

Embroidered and Elegant First Communion Dress

Retail Price: $189.99
Our Price: $114.99
Sale Price: $104.99
You Save: $85.00

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Petticoat Q&A

A question I got from a customer on a Petticoat. I have not seen her order, so I may scared her from ordering :-(

She was ordering 9 months in advance, and kids do grow...

Hello Lillian,
I am interested in this beautiful Ivory dress for my Grand daughter and Great nieces, to wear in my wedding.

The ceremony will be held in our church, and my question is about  the length of the skirt.
I specifically would like them to be in a tea length dress, that will keep its length when paired with PT 4 - tea length petticoat.

Please let me know if this is possible, or let me know the perfect slip to with this dress.
Wedding colors are Ivory, Aqua, and Gold.. will order sash  in aqua.
Thank you,


My Answer:

Dear B,

I am not sure when you plan on ordering, but I would order closer to the date.

I sell very few petticoats, probably only 2% of dresses or less have somebody order a petticoat. They do give a wonderful fluffy look for a dress. The length is usually not the challenge with a petticoat, but how fluffy the person wants it.
The PT 4 is from a company that specializes in first communion, so my guess is it's meant for more of a floor length dress.  I would look at the half petticoat.
Girls Dress Boutique

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Credit Card Refund Times

Credit Card Process as I understand it:

How credit cards work on the Internet is confusing. This is what I have picked up over the last 10+ years and a bit of research on the web, asking questions, and experience.

Authorize - Says I can charge you for X amount. Charge appears on your credit card statement. Appears instantly. For both Credit and Debit Cards. The headache is if a credit/credit card is turned down the bank still sees the charge. And for debit cards, they take the money out of the account until the bank in a few days sees the charge did not go through. The debit card issue can be speeded up with a conference call.

Capture - I tell bank will charge this amount.

Void - Ends transaction. Can be done to authorized payments. My guess 2-3 days.

Refund - Can only be done if I have received payment (captured). Takes 2-14 days for your bank to process. The timing above depends on the bank, and I don't understand why they take so long on the refund part. The charge part is super fast! I guess there is less incentive for the banks to process refunds quickly.

Prepaid Credit Cards - A nightmare from my little experience with refunds on them for my personal use. I don't remember this issue coming up with any of my customer refudns.

Expired Card Refunds - With all the card cancellations due to data breaches, cough Home Depot, Ashley Madison, Target, etc) people get new cards all the time. My understanding is your bank tries to match up the old card that was refunded to your new card. I asked my payment gateway this specifically.

Refund Periods - Normally I can only process refunds
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