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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Petticoat Q&A

A question I got from a customer on a Petticoat. I have not seen her order, so I may scared her from ordering :-(

She was ordering 9 months in advance, and kids do grow...

Hello Lillian,
I am interested in this beautiful Ivory dress for my Grand daughter and Great nieces, to wear in my wedding.

The ceremony will be held in our church, and my question is about  the length of the skirt.
I specifically would like them to be in a tea length dress, that will keep its length when paired with PT 4 - tea length petticoat.

Please let me know if this is possible, or let me know the perfect slip to with this dress.
Wedding colors are Ivory, Aqua, and Gold.. will order sash  in aqua.
Thank you,


My Answer:

Dear B,

I am not sure when you plan on ordering, but I would order closer to the date.

I sell very few petticoats, probably only 2% of dresses or less have somebody order a petticoat. They do give a wonderful fluffy look for a dress. The length is usually not the challenge with a petticoat, but how fluffy the person wants it.
The PT 4 is from a company that specializes in first communion, so my guess is it's meant for more of a floor length dress.  I would look at the half petticoat.
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