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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Custom Dresses - Why We Don't Do It

I have gotten several requests for us doing a custom dress.

What I have seen is custom dresses are very expensive, do to all the labor required. When a dress is made by a manufacturer, it goes through several steps. The usual steps in making a dress in the US.

1. Design the dress
2. Buy the fabric, it's often imported to get the right fabric, which hopefully has not changed since last bought.
3. Cut the fabric for several different sizes, in a large enough quantity. Usually a couple of hundred pieces per size. Cutting is done to minimize wasted fabric.
4. Have the pieces sewn together
5. Reseller buys from manufacturer
6. Customer buys!

With the example above, getting one dress made for us, just does not make sense economically.

My customers request:

I looked at your website, and was impressed with the dresses and your philosophy.
I am hoping that you will be able to help me.
We have an event in 2 months.
WE ordered a dress for my 12 year old daughter on line, and now the manufacturer can't supply the dress we want.
I am enclosing a photo of the dress below, which is similar to something you have on your webpage.
I was wondering if you might be able to make something like this for us.
Please let me know.

Thanks so much.

My Response:

I actually forwarded this to somebody on my staff, and we made a suggestion on a dress that was similar.

A response to another similar request:

I am just a reseller, I don't actually have a factory make the clothes.  And the manufacturers I buy from, they do big lots when they manufacturer.

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COD - Why We Don't Do It

I just got a request for doing COD. The problem with doing COD is the cost. UPS COD costs $12. Plus UPS is usually more expensive than USPS for shipping.

Is there cash on delivery option in ur website..???

And my answer:

I believe you can do e-check using PayPal.
There is a COD charge, I believe it's $10 by a customer, so it has not been requested before. Plus the shipping would be more expensive.

Since the dresses don't cost that much, I am not sure it makes sense.

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