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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blue, White And No Black Wedding

A friend is getting married in the next 6 months and she's planning to have a simple yet elegant wedding theme. She's thinking of a blue and white color motif and she can't decide on whether go for a royal blue or a light blue shade. Either way I can offer her both. 

I would personally go for a powder blue color and white. It's light, simple and elegant. She's also putting a NO black policy on her invitation to let her guests know that she does not want a black ensemble in her wedding. 
Wedding colors for her should be vibrant and lively and I couldn't disagree with that. Anyway, here's what I can offer her with her Blue and White Wedding color motiff: 

Blue Satin Sleeveless Bodice with Organza Overlay Skirt
Blue Satin Sleeveless Bodice with Organza Overlay Skirt
List Price: $65.00
Our Price: $39.99
You save $25.01!  

  • All American flower girl dress

  • Made with beautiful shiny satin

  • Available sizes: 2 to 10

  • Made with a lovely organza overlay and falls at the natural tea length
    Navy Blue Girls Sequined Bodice Bubble Dress
    Navy Blue Girls Sequined Bodice Bubble Dress
    List Price: $65.00
    Our Price: $39.95
    You save $25.05!  

    • Sequined bodice bubble dress
    • Made of soft, comfortable satin, plus design makes dress easy to move in
    • Sizes available - size 2-14
    Capped Sleeve Blue Satin Bodice with Tulle Skirt Flower Girl Dress
    Capped Sleeve Blue Satin Bodice with Tulle Skirt Flower Girl Dress
    List Price: $65.00
    Our Price: $49.99
    You save $15.01!  

    • Lace applique is decorated with tiny sequins and pearls
    • Pearl buttons in the back
    • Tea length tulle skirt has tiny satin flowers
    Blue Capped Sleeve Satin Bodice with Tulle Skirt Baby Dress
    Blue Capped Sleeve Satin Bodice with Tulle Skirt Baby Dress
    List Price: $70.00
    Our Price: $34.99
    You save $35.01!  

    • lace applique, sequins and pearls
    • available on baby sizes S-XL
    • Other colors available too!

    Or she can also get this White flower girl dress and opt for a blue sash instead
    Girl's beautiful White sleeveless formal dress with colorful sash and flower
    Girl's beautiful White sleeveless formal dress with colorful sash and flower
    List Price: $80.00
    Our Price: $39.99
    You save $40.01!  

    • The dress features Cream Rayon (woven to resemble raw silk).
    • Colorful chiffon sash that is tied to create a beautiful bow in back and is accented by a beautiful flower in front and on the bow in back. 
    • Sizes available: baby sizes and girls sizes 2 to 14
    One affordable dress, 20 different looks!

    Wedding preparations can be so crazy so I'm helping out my bride-to-be friend in any way I can. 

    How about you are you looking for a flower girl dress


    Monday, August 29, 2011

    Customer Feedback

    Thank you again. I have been so unbelievably impressed with the level of customer service I have received today through your company.

    Will definitely be back to shop again :-)

    A customer sent an E-Mail asking about a dress I did not have, so I replied to her I did not plan on stocking that dress again until I figure out how to work with the vendor without any headaches.  Beautiful dresses, but the vendor is pain to work with.  So I E-Mailed the customer the name of the vendor and some other web sites she could possibly find the dress at.  My view is focus on the long term relationship with a customer.


    Sunday, August 28, 2011

    Choosing the right party dress

    We want a perfect girls party dress for our kid, but there's just so many styles to choose from. And they are all so pretty making it hard for us to choose the right one.

    One way of choosing the perfect dress is to consider the event. For weddings, a flower girls dress should always make our little girl look and feel like a princess so a tulle or a satin gown would work for that occasion. For birthday parties, maybe a knee length skirt that is comfortable as the kids will need to move around a lot so if the skirt is too long it might be hard for the girls to win the game.

    Second, is to consider the location. Is it going to be outdoor or indoor? An empire cut dress with light fabric would be pretty and comfortable for your little princess.

    We don't want our pretty girls to look out of place uncomfortable, right? So before choosing a dress for you kid, think about the event, location, and of course the season.



    Friday, August 26, 2011

    Flower Girl is the New Wedding Accent

    What is the average number of Flower Girl in a wedding? The Royal Wedding had four cute flower girls. But Kate Moss says Fourteen is the new number. Yes, Kate Moss had fourteen little flower girls. They were the accent on her wedding to rocker Jamie Hince. The pretty girls were wearing a pretty and comfortable Flower Girl Dresses. It was pretty and light, all flower girls were smiling on Kate Moss' wedding photos.

    Flower Girl dresses should always be comfortable so that the girl wearing it wont frown on the wedding pictures.

    Elitedresses has a lot of stylish and comfortable flower girl dresses that will surely make your little princess look happy and pretty on the wedding photos. 

    Will you ever consider a black flower girl dress


    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    Scam Target - EliteDresses?

    I got a very upsetting chat today, and it was either a real customer, a troll, or a scam.

    My feeling is probably a troll or a scam.

    Scams are a fact of life, and always a worry.  And if something is too good to be true, it probably is.  One time I got an order from Nigeria for 500 books (Chinese books to Nigeria from the US?, umm, right).  I said this was beyond my capacity, and referred them to the publisher (who also did not pick it up).  I have done this other times referring the person to the publisher.

    The problem with offering Chat is sometimes we get trolls.  Usually teenage boys having some fun. I have instructed my employees anytime they are dealing with an offensive/abusive customer to just disconnect, or I get to take over the chat.

    I have had some very strange chat experiences. 

    Today was wanting to order a super large number of dresses to a foreign country that has a reputation for fraud, and me (Engineer background) was very upfront and told the person I was afraid of fraud, because that size order would be painful if something happened.  I also mentioned that customs is a headache is foreign countries sometimes.

    Thinking about it, my guess is a troll, or fraud.  There was a lot that did not add up in the chat. 

    I also have a copy of their IP address as well a transcript of the chat.

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    Scam target - my Daughter?

    My daughter signed up for a service offering tutoring during the summer, and some jerk tried to scam her. As a parent unbelievably upsetting. The good news was we caught it in time, but I am shocked that somebody would be targeting people offering tutoring, High School and College students.

    The Details...

    A lady E-Mailed her saying her daughter was coming from Switzerland and, and she wanted her daughter to be tutored in English for a month for $30 per hour. My daughter was very excited! And then she got a suspicious E-Mail explaining the payment...

    Yes, the old I will send you more than needed via bank account, and then please pay the extra back to my courier. The fake bank transfer, then you pay out of your account and your liable scam!

    I then showed her this web site on Nigerian Scammers:

    My favorite picture from the The Wall of Shame is:


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    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Wonderful note on our customer service

    A nice note a customer sent today!

    Thank you. You have excellent customer service - and pretty dresses too!

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    Essentials for Back-To-School Clothes

    Many  trends from last year is still in fashion this year like leggings, layering and skinny jeans. You can even recycle your child's summer dresses by making her wear cardigans and leggings (especially this fall).
    Experts say to invest on winter clothes and scrimp on play clothes such as tees, jogging pants, etc. Believe it or not it also pays to have a comfortable playing shoe or slip on like Crocs :D 

    For the boys, they should have a white button-down shirt, sweatshirt with a zipper, a cardigan sweater and khaki cargos. 

    Make sure to keep formal dresses and suits for the kids on special occasions like Winter dance. For your girls' formal dresses don't forget to think of Elitedresses.com!


    Monday, August 22, 2011

    Styling Your Kids Party Dress

    Just because it's called Girls Party Dress doesn't mean our kids should wear it just for a party. And just because she's just a kid doesn't mean she can't be fashionable. Get your kid's tulle skirt and make her wear it to a mall or school. Pair it with high cut sneakers and denim jacket or a cool cardigan to make it look less formal but definitely stylish.

    Some tulle or satin dress that you can pair with hi-cut sneakers and jacket or cardigan.

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