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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scam Target - EliteDresses?

I got a very upsetting chat today, and it was either a real customer, a troll, or a scam.

My feeling is probably a troll or a scam.

Scams are a fact of life, and always a worry.  And if something is too good to be true, it probably is.  One time I got an order from Nigeria for 500 books (Chinese books to Nigeria from the US?, umm, right).  I said this was beyond my capacity, and referred them to the publisher (who also did not pick it up).  I have done this other times referring the person to the publisher.

The problem with offering Chat is sometimes we get trolls.  Usually teenage boys having some fun. I have instructed my employees anytime they are dealing with an offensive/abusive customer to just disconnect, or I get to take over the chat.

I have had some very strange chat experiences. 

Today was wanting to order a super large number of dresses to a foreign country that has a reputation for fraud, and me (Engineer background) was very upfront and told the person I was afraid of fraud, because that size order would be painful if something happened.  I also mentioned that customs is a headache is foreign countries sometimes.

Thinking about it, my guess is a troll, or fraud.  There was a lot that did not add up in the chat. 

I also have a copy of their IP address as well a transcript of the chat.

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