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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scam target - my Daughter?

My daughter signed up for a service offering tutoring during the summer, and some jerk tried to scam her. As a parent unbelievably upsetting. The good news was we caught it in time, but I am shocked that somebody would be targeting people offering tutoring, High School and College students.

The Details...

A lady E-Mailed her saying her daughter was coming from Switzerland and, and she wanted her daughter to be tutored in English for a month for $30 per hour. My daughter was very excited! And then she got a suspicious E-Mail explaining the payment...

Yes, the old I will send you more than needed via bank account, and then please pay the extra back to my courier. The fake bank transfer, then you pay out of your account and your liable scam!

I then showed her this web site on Nigerian Scammers:

My favorite picture from the The Wall of Shame is:


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