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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Essentials for Back-To-School Clothes

Many  trends from last year is still in fashion this year like leggings, layering and skinny jeans. You can even recycle your child's summer dresses by making her wear cardigans and leggings (especially this fall).
Experts say to invest on winter clothes and scrimp on play clothes such as tees, jogging pants, etc. Believe it or not it also pays to have a comfortable playing shoe or slip on like Crocs :D 

For the boys, they should have a white button-down shirt, sweatshirt with a zipper, a cardigan sweater and khaki cargos. 

Make sure to keep formal dresses and suits for the kids on special occasions like Winter dance. For your girls' formal dresses don't forget to think of Elitedresses.com!


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