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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tea Ceremony Helped Defeat a fierce Warlord

I'm talking about the scenes and the plots in the movie, Red Cliff. It's a Chinese epic film which is based on the Battle of Red Cliffs and the era is after the Han Dynasty. The film was directed by none other than John Woo with stars that are all big names in China. The movie gained awards and nomination too. It was pretty amazing and inspiring to watch.

It was about a fierce warlord, Cao Cao, who convinced the Emperor to get rid of the Southern warlords for they are potential rebels against the Emperial Court. When in truth, Cao Cao convinced the Emperor for an ulterior motive--that is to be the only remaining warlord so he can enthrone the Emperor easily. He was fierce and unforgiving so many warlords chose to vow loyalty to him so he will spare their lives. But the great battle was yet to come when the warlords of Liu Bei, and Sun Quan joined forces. The movie was full of war strategies that I'm sure you haven't seen in any other Chinese or American war movies. It was indeed all original concepts.

For every fierce warrior, there's an achilles heel. And Cao Cao's was the wife of the Sun Quan warlord, Zhou Yu. Cao Cao have met Xiao Qiao years back and have fallen in love with her beauty and since then vowed to get her and marry her. When the time came that Cao Cao's army and Zhou Yu's army faced off, Xiao Qiao secretly went to Cao Cao's camp wanting to persuade him to stop his evil plans and live the good people of Red Cliff alone but she failed. Xiao Qiao knew that Zhou Yu's army was out numbered and they needed time to make nature's power turn to their favor so she distracts Cao Cao with her famous tea ceremony. She wore her best Cheungsam and gathered her materials and lured Cao Cao with a cup. She then demonstrated and explained the process of the ceremony......

Cao Cao's army was defeated because their strategies failed because the wind has changed direction by the time Xiao Qiao finished her tea ceremony. Zhou Yu and his out numbered army won and the people lived harmoniously again.

You should watch the movie yourself. I just don't advise to tag your kids along since the war scenes are too graphic for them. Just so you would have an idea how tea ceremonies are done a long time ago.

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