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Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween is Coming Up! How about Chun Li?

I was reminded halloween was coming up when this flashed while I was passing through a Yahoo page:

Most Popular Halloween Costumes : Chun Li (adult)

Chun Li is a flying kicking girl in the popular classic video game Street Fighter.

Thinking inspritation can be gotten from it for our little EliteDressers, I went back to it. I saw that the new Chun Li costume was a blue cheung sam, with big puff sleeves and ragged edges on it. Its skirt has a wide sash and waist-high slits at both sides. Eep! Nope, can't use it. The style is 1) for adults and 2) it's ugly.

However, I just looked for the more traditonal Chun Li look and saw this:

Ming Na as Chun Li

in the 1st Street Fighter movie

Much nicer. Can be used.

If you and your daughter agree for her to wear a video character this halloween, here's what you will need to create this look:

- Red Cheung Sam Dress
- for those with sewing skills, maybe modify the sleeve (the one in the picture is "pretty but tough looking", it was cut following the stitching of a red lace pattern and made into extended sleeves)
- two braid buns on either side of the head. maybe can also put flowing ribbons through it
- two leather spiked cuffs on each wrist

To avoid the rush, why not start discussing with your child what she wants to be this halloween? If she wants to be a cute fairy or a pretty princess or a courageous Chinese heroine, please head on to www. elitedresses.com for a basic dress. Just add some accessories and a treat bag and she's good to go!

More costume suggestions as we go along...

Please drop by our store also :-)

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