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Friday, October 1, 2010

Dress Return Policies - Wow

Some of the dress return policies out there - wow!

I just spent a bit of time looking around at some competitor sites return policy. I believe EliteDresses has the most Lenient Returns Policy. Our goal is to be fair to our customers and make returns as Easy as Possible.

Some Competitor Return Policies that I just shake my head at:

My comments are in italics :-)
  • Express Orders not eligible for returns - Totally disagree with this one. Even with an Express order sometimes a dress just does not work.
  • Restocking Fees - we don't charge a re-stocking fee at this time.
  • Returns within 7 day of receipt - we give 30 days at this time. With a wedding there is so much going on and 7 days is just not enough time. Over 30 days is too long. One customer wanted to return a dress at 75 days. Some dresses are seasonal.
  • No Returns/Exchange Policy - yes, this is from a real site
  • Flower Girls 28 days, all others dresses 14 days - how do you tell the difference?
  • No Refunds, Store Credit only with a 10% restocking fee for same color and item. 20% if different color or item. - Seems harsh.

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