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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boleros for Kids this Fall

The weather's been acting up these days. Heat has been crawling about, but it's fall, so we can expect the season to be cold as well.

Many of you have already bought our bolero for kids to cover up your little princess during the last wedding or formal event she attended.  Don't put it up in its sealed plastic to hang yet, let her use the bolero this fall on chilly days.

Since the weather is hot-cold-hot-cold, the bolero is a good fashion staple because she's covered up, but when the temperature rises, she can remove the bolero and feel comfortable too.

Let her wear this bolero on days she feels extra-girly and pretty. 

As for what to wear underneath the bolero, a simple, short sleeved or sleeveless top is best.  She can pick a plain, fitted  top in contrasting color to her bolero.  

Our bolero is shiny and richly colored it can be nice to wear it when you are taking her to an evening event. Depending on the color of the bolero that she has, you can advise her if  this satin item looks great and appropriate.

Even if she wears it with jeans or a skirt, I'm sure she will look dressy and a well-polished little lady.

If you have not had the chance to get the bolero for kids yet, go ahead and order.  Our boleros are affordable and pretty, you can even order two and it can still fit your budget. If she has one light and one dark colored bolero, your daughter can match it with any of her clothes.  Not to mention, if she has any surprise events to suddenly attend, a bolero can make one dress look entirely new different.  So get one, two or three today.
Go to the Bolero Page.

We also have a Fall Sale this week!  Please visit.


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