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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Annoying Call of the Day

A typical junk call I get is for a firm that needs to confirm EliteDresses Free Listing on their online yellow pages.  I have no problem on confirming, but when they start to sell me, that gets old.

So today's after he started the sales speal I asked him where he was calling from.  Answer was the business was in Florida.  So I asked him if was physically located in Florida.  I did not get a clear answer.  Then I asked him about the senate elections in Florida. 

The response was he did not have time to discuss that.  I calmly explained he was not going to get a sale from me, and he kept on trying to sell me.  So I kept on trying to talk about the elections there and mentioning I was not going to buy.  After about 3 times of this, he got the hint and said bye.


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