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Saturday, October 23, 2010

As a kid, I remember holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving as a time to wear my pretty dress. It was pretty and warm but it was really heavy and itchy to wear. I didn’t tell my Mother it was so because all my other cousins were wearing similar dresses and I thought I should bear the heaviness and itchiness like them. 

It was only when I had my own daughter that I looked for other choices on girls holiday dresses. I don’t want my daughter to wear something that’s heavy and itchy. And I remember this one velvety dress that Mother gave her, it has this nice ribbon embroidery on the front of the dress but inside the dress, it left threads and itchy stuff that my daughter didn’t want to wear it! What a waste---Please don’t tell Mother! 

Anyway, if you’re looking for the same quality of fabrics as I did, check on EliteDresses’ Girls Holiday Dresses page and you might find something you’re daughter will love. 

I personally love this red dress which has gotten many compliments from my past customers too.
Red Poly Dupioni Dress     

Holidays are spent with so much happiness and love, not with so much heaviness and itchiness! ;) 

Happy shopping!


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