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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dark Flowers or Light colored Flowers?

I've been asked several times by bride to be's regarding which is better on the photos and videos, dark colored flowers or light colored ones? 

My opinion is that dark colored flowers can really bring out the skills of a photographer because dark colors tend to work against everything that surrounds it. With improper lighting the flowers can be really dark- black hole and thus become too dull for a photo (unless it's a black and white or sepia photo). 

What I really suggest is use light colored flowers on the bride's bouquet as this will bring out the colors of her eyes and thus will look divine on photos! You can then choose to work with dark colored flowers for the rest of the entourage, for the arrangements and such- as long as you're not using black colored flowers, I think it will look just fine. 

Last option is to combine dark and light colored flowers! Work with your colors and do whatever makes you happy, besides it's your wedding! :)

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