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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chinese Wedding Cakes

I was speaking with a customer tonight and discussing cakes, specifically Chinese Cakes for a wedding. Chinese cakes uses a whipped cream frosting instead of butter cream, and are not as sweet. Common cake types are chocolate, coffee, and white. Fillings include mango, peach, strawberry, and mixed fruit. Some places also offer Durian (Jack Fruit), it's smelly, but some people say it tastes good.

In the San Gabriel Valley Van's, a Vietnamese Bakery that does Chinese style cakes is well known. A wonderfully looking French Style bakery (bit pricey, but the quality) is R.J. Patisserie. Good Chinese Bakeries are JJ Bakery and NiNi Bakery (used to be called Ruby Bakery). JJ Bakery has locations in Irvine, Arcadia, Hacienda Heights, Torrance, and Rowland Heights. NiNI has another in Hacienda Heights.

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