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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Customer Service - Why Me?

A customer needed a girl's dress next day for a performance for her daughter who has the lead character. So I dutifully shipped it out getting it to the Post Office by the needed time yesterday. I use USPS because of the cost difference (FedEx/UPS are double). I don't think customers want to be charged $60 for next day, where I currently charge $30.

Then I got a call from the customer today at 5PM their time on the East Coast, 2PM my time. They have not received the dress yet. So I call the Post Office help line that you need to go through a frustrating menu that is voice driven. If I was not a lady, I would use a word that starts with H to describe it. Voice H***. So I finally get a person and explain the situation. The answer, sorry, there is nothing I can do. After 24 hours of the promised delivery time I can open a ticket. Since it's Express, it does not go through the local post office. I explain there is a little girl who needs this for a play at 9AM tomorrow morning. He explains after 24 hours I can request refund. I comment back this does not help this little girl get her dress. I ask him to do what he can.

I then call the customer and explain the situation. She then mentions some services have Early Morning delivery. I look at FedEx's site and find one for $94 or so dollars, but it will be there between 6AM-8:30AM. So I go down to the local FedEx and mail the package at my cost.

I am going to complain to the Post Office on this and my local congressman, I don't appreciate my customers being made to go through this. If they pay for next day, they should get next day. The answer I got from the Post Office that they could do nothing about the order surprised me.

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