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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Frustration on Finding Modest Dresses for Girl's

An area of frustrating is trying, and the word is try to find a dress that is modest.

Why is it so hard to find a dress:
  • with Long sleeves?
  • Without spaghetti straps?
  • To find a dress that does not make my daughter look much older than she really is?
Whatever happened to stores carrying dresses that are designed for little girls, instead of a smaller version of a dress a 20 something might wear?

It seems like it's a chicken or egg issue, where the dress designers and department stores are having a herd mentality on girl's dresses.

Or may be they are trying to save on the cost of fabric with short sleeves, skirts, and tops. What is a Mother to do?

Even as a dress buyer, I am not seeing the type of girl's dress I really want to stock yet out there. I figure eventually I will just need to have some dresses custom designed. The dresses I carry are pretty close to what I want, the one area I would like is some dresses with long sleeves.

All the dresses I carry have short sleeves because this is all my suppliers have. I do have several different types of sleeves, from cap sleeves to sleeveless to a regular short sleeve.

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