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Friday, June 27, 2008

Thanks for the Call! Customer Feedback on Girl's Formal Dress!

A customer called and gave the most wonderful feedback on the dress she just bought for her daughter. She was astonished at the price and even at the list price of $48, it was a great deal and she got it for a lot less since it's on clearance. The customer appreciated the reasonable shipping ($5.25) and how fast she got it. She appreciated the fact that we sell girl's formal dresses that are age appropriate, formal that allow her daughter to look like the young lady/little girl she is, and not like a child. It was a wonderful call and my husband enjoyed speaking with the person. I was impressed she had a seamstress take her daughter's measurements and when she saw the dress, was astonished at the price. This was one A+ Mom helping her daughter out! And with the money she saved she could spend it on the shoes and tiarra for her daughter.

Thanks so much for the call and I look forward to getting your daughter's picture in the dress!


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