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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

10 Suggestions - No - I won't wear that dress

The Positive Power of "No" about how it's a good sign when a 2 year old refuse wear a Flower Girl Dress. The article never does say how to get past this, basically saying it's normal for 2 year olds to try to get some power by doing this.

Unhappy kid, out of their normal environment surrounded by lots of strange people. May be missed her afternoon nap. Assume no practice was done.

10 Suggestions
  1. Make sure your kid has something to do fun, such as a coloring book. Here are some cute wedding related pictures for coloring.
  2. Make sure your little princess gets her beauty sleep. This could even be taking a nap in a car outside the church.
  3. Lots of practices so the flower girl is used to her role.
  4. Read tips Choosing a Flower Girl, Flower Girl Responsibilities, Flower Girl Tips and Ettiquette for Flower Girls. Read them to your daughter and answer any questions.
  5. You can try the power play. Wear this or else... You may get a crying flower girl which is not great.
  6. Give them a choice, they can wear what they want but then people will laugh at her, or the dress that everyone will say wonderful things about. Reverse psychology.
  7. Have your daughter participate in the decision on which dress to wear (gently guided) and promise to wear it. This way you can use the you promised.
  8. Have a person she respects, such as the bride say how beautiful the flower girl looks in the dress.
  9. Have the a person she respects/idolizes such as the bride say how much it means to wear that dress.
  10. Explain to the Flower Girl how she will be acting like all the other big girls by wearing the dress, and doesn't she want to act like a big girl and not a baby? Bit of psychology that can be used at this age. Later they figure this one out. Kids are amazing smart!

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