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Friday, July 25, 2008

Girl's Dress Photography Challenges! What a Day!

I had a couple of orphan girl's dresses that I had no pictures for. Orphan Dresses are those that I will not be getting in the future and I only have a couple, may be only one dress left so I put them in my girl's dresses clearance section. So I was taking pictures of 7 dresses including front, back, waist, bow, details, etc. So I went to the computer to upload the pictures, and something happens to the memory chip! I then go to download a computer utility to save the file, but it won't unless I register it. So I look back and see, sponsored search results. So then I download another one and that does not work! So I am about to start pulling my hair because of all the time I will lose. So then I go shopping to buy a new memory card along with a few other things- the danger of going shopping...

Then today, I thought why not, and I contacted the memory vendor to see if I can return and get an exchange under the warranty. It's looking pretty good right now, they paid for the return postage and I just dropped it off at FedEx today. Wow on the customer service! The company is Kingston that I have heard good things about. A former co-workers daughter worked there and loved being there.

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