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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Girl's Piano and Concert Dresses

I visited the Museum of Making Music and I thought about what a young lady should wear for a piano recital or concert. My experience with with piano recitals, orchestra concerts (cello), and vocal concerts (choir). For them all I recommend a girl's formal dress, a longer one. The colors depend on the season, but the burgundy girl's dress is just a favorite of mine.

The museum was interesting and was mostly about American made Pianos. I did not realize that the 36" Spindle piano was developed because people had smaller houses during the 30's and 40's, and this replaced due to cost the traditional 50" upright piano. The museum had a Yamaha Concert Piano (may be a C7), that was actually a desk! You could not tell till you got next to it and noticed it was only half a piano. There was a Kawai Grand Piano that had a clear top. There was also a Pearl River Grand piano with a clear top that had been auctioned for only $10K. Pearl River is a Chinese brand, that has been improving. There was also a Chickering, which is a brand we almost bought. And of course there was a couple of Steinway Piano's. My major complaint against the museum is all the Piano's said please do not play! It would have been nice if the had a Steinway Piano that could be played. If they had a Bösendorfer Piano (wonderful piano, but the cost...) for playing that would be nice. But since it's American made (mostly), the museum would not (which does not explain the Kawai, Yamaha, and Pearl River Piano's).

Originally my daughter started playing on an upright, a Steinway and Son that is a good value for what it is. Then her piano teacher said she was good enough that she needed a Grand Piano to progress to the next level. So like a good parent, we then went on the great piano hunt and found out about Pearl River, in house brands, Piano's made in China with actions from Germany or England, Piano's that are only assemble in China, Grey market Yamaha, Grey Market Kawai, older pianos such as Chickering, and of course Bosendorfer. It was very education and we met some nice people, and people who were not so straight selling piano's. We finally bought Kawai Grand Piano that takes up most of our living room and it sounds wonderful! Only headache is we still need to sell the Schafer & Son Upright Piano.

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