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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Picking the right girl's Dress

Picking the right girl's dress can be challenging. Especially with a second opinion... Yes, that cute little Princess is often a bit opinionated about what they will be wearing! And this can cause just a few headaches for the poor Mom shopping for her daughter, no matter what the age.

So what is a poor mom to do? If they are old enough, let them doing the searching for the perfect little Princess girl's dresswith a set of guidelines. That way Mom just needs to do the final approval and payment! Or Mom can come up with a couple selections and pass it by your little Princess. Choosing the right girl's dress that everyone agrees on can take a while. And if it's for a wedding or a color coordinated event, this adds even more complexity to it. And if it's for a group of kids, then I suggest a parent makes the decision. Of course it helps to pass it by the other parents, I still a little bit unhappy about a group my daughter belonged to that bought dresses that were not appropriate and I had to pay for! Good thing was the following year they bought new dresses that were so much better.

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