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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cutting Wedding Costs Ideas

Couples are finding ways to cut wedding costs from the LA Times. At my Wedding I did these, and a few more. A previous post Nuptial nonsense about how expensive weddings have gotten.

Ideas from the Article:
  • Buy flowers from the wholesale flower mart (did that)
  • Hold reception at lower cost or no cost location (did that, mine was at the Church activity room)
  • Have family bake treats for reception (did that, my husband's Aunt helped out so much)
  • Do it yourself wedding invites adding jewels and ribbons (mine were pretty plain I guess)
  • Have friend or relative do photography (did that, I still regret not having a Pro do the photography - sigh. But it does give me something to hold over my Hubby's head; even 20 years later :-)
  • Having a friend or relative do the hair (I had a professional do it).
Cost Cutting Ideas I did at my wedding:
  • Borrowed my mother-in-laws car.
  • Had a friend video tape the wedding. A couple of years later we had a pro edit the video and it came out really nice.
  • The cake was done by the Church Wedding Organizer, and my husband convinced me to have carrot cake, and it had real butter cream frosting. It was wonderful!
  • My Mother-in-law took a flower arranging class and did all the flowers.
  • I had my wedding dress and QiPao custom made in Taiwan. The only mistake was I was super thin in Taiwan and the dress did not have any extra fabric on it, so when I came back to the US I had to be careful on the weight. There is no way my daughter could fit these, she takes after her Dad to much.
  • We rented the Maids of Honor Dresses. This took a lot of time to find ones, I finally found them I think it was in Westminster.
  • My Husband rented his tux from a friend of his Father's, but there were problems where they increased the cost. So using a friend of the family can be good and bad. I suggest getting quotes from non-Family places and if the family friend offers the same or lower price then go with them.
And one that was not mentioned, would be buying the Flower Girl Dresses from me.

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