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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flower Girl Dresses - Deciding Colors

Some research for an article I am going to write on selecting Colors for a Flower Girl Dress

So far the advice seems to be disagreeing. One likes black, one likes red... With black, White, Pink, and Red are good matches. Which is good, since my Black Flower Girl dress has ivory flowers.

Another web site mentions how you should take into account your skin color.

Spring and Summer is usually bright colors.
Winter is more the Oranges, Greens, purples, yellows, and Reds. Harvest colors.

Three wedding colors should be the maximum.

And then if you have a theme, this may set the wedding colors. Such as if you are doing a particular era. Colors also vary geographically, different areas of the US favor different colors.

A color wheel is a way to see which colors match each other, and which should be avoided. If the colors are opposite each other on a color wheel, they are OK. Or next to each other.

Certain colors go with other colors. Fun tool to play with Color Selection Tools - Sherwin-Williams


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