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Friday, November 28, 2008

More Ideas for Flower Girl Articles

I am thinking of having written some more articles on flower girls and of course their flower girl dresses.

  1. Thank You gifts for your Flower Girl. Thank You note, recognition at the dinner, gift card, and ? Oh, and of our course our Wedding Coloring Page Booklet that are free and printable!
  2. Accessories for Flower Girl's, such as matching their flower girl dress. Hair pieces, hair styles, jewelry, hosiery, Garlands, petticoats (surprising how hard these are to find), and shoes.
  3. History of the flower girl and symbolism. I"ll probably add this to my article on American Wedding Customs and Traditions
  4. Choosing a color for a flower girl dress. I have a draft of the article on choosing colors - Flower Girl Dresses - Deciding Colors.
  5. Tips for choosing a flower girl dress
  6. What is a flower girl dress
  7. Preparing your Flower Girl mentally for the big day.
  8. Flower Girl Hair Styles

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