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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dress Articles

I just re-arranged Articles and References for Girl's Dresses because it was becoming to cluttered. Here is the new layout, I moved some of the articles under sub-categories. This way it's easier to not get overwhelmed on the first screen. I also added the number of articles under each category, so people will know wow, I really should click there! The how to tie a bow I want to do a video showing how!

Ao Dai Cuoi History - Traditional Vietnamese Dress Chinese QiPao Cheongsam Dress History
  • From their development in the 1700
  • Chinese and French Influence
  • Symbolic meaning of different colors
  • Dress History from the 1644 to today!
  • Chinese Color Symbolism of the QIPao
  • Modern QiPao's from materials to usage
Dress Color and Symbol Meanings How to tie a dress bow
Instructions for tieing dress ribbon bow
Girl's Pageant Articles and Information Wedding Traditions and Customs
  • Pageant Components
  • Make up tips for pageants
  • Recyling a Pageant Dress
  • Pageant Tips
  • 12+ Articles on American, Chinese, and Vietnamese Wedding Customs and traditions
  • Includes tips, etiquette, and more!
  • Great reference for any American, Chinese, and/or Vietnamese bride to be

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