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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Days

Sent out order via Priority Mail, 2-3 days. Shipped Monday. Customer called today to check on it. I looked at the status, return to sender? Confirm address with customer. Send out another package via Express Mail (next day) at no cost to customer, because they need it by Monday. And of course USPS won't reimburse me for their mistake. I am glad it's rare for problems, but when they happen it's annoying. My thought is do whatever is necessary for the customer.

Last time was the Express Mail next day package that did not arrive next day, so then I sent it via FedEx early morning (no cost to customer) so it got there in time for the school performance. I got back the original postage, but the early morning FedEx was not cheap. I did get a wonderful picture of the customer's daughter in the dress, it was for a play and looked wonderful!

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