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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings have an interesting history and tradition. They are worn to symbolize the eternity of marriage, with the ring shape. Iron was used in Rome as a symbol of the strength of love and designate the wife as being part of the man's family now. Gold or silver was sometimes used to show how the wife was trusted with a something of worth. A perfect fit is important, for a to tight ring will lead to jealousy, and if to loose, the wedded pair would stray through carelessness. The reason for putting the ring on the 3rd finder of the left hand is not clear to me. There was a belief that this finger was closest to the heart. It got codified by the Book of Common Prayer from the Church of England after it's founding. The best man during the wedding has the duty of keeping charge of the rings, but recently in some ceremonies a ring bearer is used. The wearing of wedding rings is relatively recent during World War 2. Traditionally, men basically owned the wife, so there was no need for him to wear a ring. I guess now we have the situation of joint ownership of each other?

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