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Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Communion

What is First Communion?

Some facts I have picked up:
  • Happens usually around ages 7-8 (based on the ability to have reached an age of discretion - in other words understand what is happening). Per the church if children are observed to assist at Mass with devotion and attention it is a sign that they are come to this discretion.
  • Roman Catholic, and some Protestant (Lutheran).
  • Not practiced in the Eastern Catholic Church
  • Girl's First Communion Dresses can cost $200 and more (very extravagant).
  • Veils are often worn.
  • For both Boys and Girls
  • Clothes are usually white to symbolize purity.
  • First confession is traditionally made a week before First Communion.
  • Defined by the 4th Lateran Council and Council of Trent.
  • Often occurs during Pascal Time - From Easter and extends 50 days.
  • Often a large family party is hosted after the First Communion.

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