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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dressing up for Recitals

My 10-year old niece, Daniella, had recently invited me to attend her music recital, and I had promptly agreed, as I wanted to see her progress with the guitar. She had told me she was playing a guitar arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon, and so I assumed that the affair was going to be a bit formal, as suggested by the piece she had chosen.

The recital was set in the morning, and as I had arrived a bit earlier than the call time, I had some time to observe the goings-on before the show. It was also a good time for me to see what dress the girls are wearing to recitals nowadays.

A lot of the little girls were wearing formal dresses: knee- to ankle-length, most of them neutral colored or pastel, which I thought suited the occasion. Some girls wore red or black. I thought the red or black dresses would have been better suited if the recital was set in the late afternoon or evening.

As it was a daytime affair, I had realized that it was still best to wear light colored clothing and make-up, both for the kids and the moms, as well.


Tina said...

hope you had a nice time. i love formal events

Small Town Mommy said...

When my daughter has band or chorus concerts, the kids dress pretty casually. A couple of them dress up, but most of them wear casual dresses or pants.

Renz said...

Speaking of recitals, my sister-in-law will have hers on May 23rd. She attended Ryan Cayabyab's voice summer workshop and landed a lead role on their play. :)

I'm a bit excited to watch as this is also my first time to see recitals of this kind.