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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Father's Day is coming up!

June 21st is Father's day and the honor we gave our Mothers on Mother's Day is equally applicable to any father out there.

Fathers are special too since they are the pillars that often holds a family together. They are most often than not the person who has to work and earn hard for the family. They deserve to have a day of their own. And there's still time to think of how to surprise Daddy!

How about treating him for a spa massage? Those sore muscles surely need to loosen. Or maybe a simple dinner with his favorite dishes will do.

Whatever you come up with, isn't it nice to dress a bit for Daddy's special day? Check out our choices of pretty girls dresses. :)

Oh and watch out for EliteDresses up coming Father's Day Sale! :) I'm sure you'll find yourself a great deal.

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