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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pre Wedding Events

Plato once said that we are all searching for our other half and once found we tie ourselves to that one person.

For centuries, wedding has been one of the major celebration that is influenced by our culture. But it's not only the wedding day itself that has plenty of traditions and practices. It all starts with the pre wedding events or most commonly known as the engagement.

For Catholics:
There are preparations before a couple are allowed to be married in the Catholic church and these are:

Banns. Both parties should announce to their respective parishes their upcoming union. This was first done by the English Catholics to make sure nothing impedes the marriage. This is actually done for 3 consecutive Sundays before the wedding date.

Pre-Cana Sessions. Taken from the day Jesus turned water into wine during a wedding, this is a series of sesssion led by priests talking about putting God in the center of the union, preparing the couple in finances, rearing Catholic children and so much more.

Pre-Wedding Interview. Marriage is one of the Seven Sacraments in Catholicism and it is taken very seriously that's why the officiant needs to interview the couple separately to make sure that both understood the meaning of marriage and the responsibilities that comes with it. This is done especially when one of the couple is not a Catholic.

On a personal note, my husband and I had undergone all these steps and it was worthwhile. We both learned so much from the sessions and I think both of us practice what we've learned and isn't it the point of all this? :)

On my next post I will tell you about China's pre wedding event traditions. They are also very interesting!

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