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Thursday, June 18, 2009

What shoes should she wear?

Okay so you're sister is getting married in a few weeks and of course your daughter is her flowergirl! You have the perfect flowergirl's dress, you pictured how your daughter hair should be but then you kinda left something out--- her shoes! It's understandable since having a family member preparing for wedding is enough reason to forget about small details because you all tend to focus on the big picture.

Anyhoo, I have a simple suggestion. Buy a generic white shoes--if you're daughter is young as 5 years old, please do not let her wear high heels as she would just likely throw it on the ring bearer's face (kidding!) but seriously, white flat shoes is more appealing. It could be as plain as it could get or with simple design. Next have the shoes dyed by your local wedding shop (or if you're a DIY mom, you can actually dye it yourself!). Choose the color appropriate to your daughter's flowergirl dress. But in my opinion, with silver you can never go wrong.

You can then adorn the dyed shoes with whatever you like. You can hand paint it with flowerette designs, or just glue in crystals (the cheap ones of course) if you're not the artistic type.

I hope you'll be able to do this project in due time. Send me some photos of whatever outcome you have! :)

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