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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chinese Father's Day: August 8 2009

As most countries celebrate father's day on June 21st, China celebrates theirs every August 8.

The first Chinese Father's Day was celebrated in Shanghai, August 8 1945. But why August 8? It's because the number 8 is pronounced as ba in Mandarin the same as father or Papa the day itself is even BaBa Day.

Some would say that celebrations like father's day, mother's day, grandfather's day. etc are highly commercialized for business gains. Even if it's true, isn't it just right to give our love ones a special day just for them (aside from their birthdays)? Thanking them for the sacrifices they made for the family. And most of all, celebrations like this will instill to the young minds the importance of family, responsibility, love and affection.

So as early as this week, we are putting on our Chinese and Vietnamese dresses on sale as our way of honoring our Chinese friends. :)

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