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Thursday, July 9, 2009

How do you choose your daughter's dresses?

How do you choose your daughter's dresses? Do you ask for their opinion or buy whatever suit your taste? Those are the questions that hover in my head when I look at my fast growing 1.6 year old baby girl.

Once in a while I give her little exercises to test her abilities to choose and decide for herself and it amazes me that she can really come to a solution. After giving her a bath, I ask her to go through her closet and choose whatever shirt or dress she wants to wear for the day. She'll be glad to do it (maybe because she sees Mommy rummaging at her own closet too? ) and would give me the one she chose. Just to test her some more, I'll get another shirt and ask her if she likes it instead. I'll know that she decided on the dress she picked early on because she would insist that she wear the one she picked. :)

But as they get older, they tend to choose dresses that are a bit too much for our taste, don't they?
I know because my Mom and I used to fight over which dress to wear hehehe..But nah, it's a matter of choosing which suits you both. One thing is for sure, I wouldn't make my daughter wear uncomfortable girl's dresses just to impress someone else. As early as today, I am picky with the type of garment I chose for her dresses. And I suggest you do the same too. Make sure that you choose the types that suits your weather. Like velvet is a no-no for summer. Even if the event is under an airconditioned room, chances are it will still be a bit warm because of all those other guests.

However, enjoy choosing and buying girl's dresses you think will look good on your daughter because sooner or later she'll be old enough to buy her own. :)

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