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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nikon makes big fuss at BlogHer event

Nikon was one of the sponsors who INVITED Moms from the BlogHer event to promote their product. It was a huge leap for the company to tap on the most read Mommy bloggers in the US ( or maybe around the world), what made the event really sad was that the Nikon party organizers chose a restaurant that does not allow babies. What were they thinking? Here are my reactions on the event:

1. Nikon should have realized that BlogHer is for MOMMIES. BlogHer is a baby and kid friendly event because it knows its audience--which are Moms who have babies and kids to look after to.

2. Nikon should have welcomed the kids with open arms because most Moms buy cameras to bookmark the growing milestones of their kids! Nikon could have used that for their marketing strategy.

3. It was a lousy mistake that merits an apology from the company.

4. Who are the Nikon party organizers? Maybe they're not Moms. Nikon should "fit" organizers according to the event.

5. Okay it's a HUGE mistake but I don't think a boycott is a must. It's a lesson learned the hard way for Nikon and let's just hope no other company follows their grave mistake.

As for the Moms who were turned away from the restaurant, my heart bleeds knowing they did it because of your kids. I have a kid too and I know it's the hardest job in the world being a mom or a parent at that. Now, it's your prerogative to boycott or not. I know the world will understand whatever decision you make :)

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