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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer is all Fun!

Hey Moms! It's summer and the kids have lots of free time on their hands. Make it productive! Where did you sign them up? I bet most of you considered baseball, soccer or any other sports that your kids love. Some like to enroll their kids on artistic crafts such as painting, clay modelling, etc. And for some it's music like piano, dance, theater, etc.

I remember when it was still my time, I did ballet, hawaiian dance, swimming, piano, summer classes until I finally stick with tennis clinic every summer. Now I understand why my mom pushed me to join several classes each summer, it was to know which of those I like the most and which of those I excel the most.

I believe that we should allow our children be exposed to as much experiences as they can so they will find out which ones they want most. This way their interests are built and soon enough they will make the decision on their own---and please let them be.

There's also summer camp. I understand it's pretty big in the US. I haven't experience this but I have faint idea from the movies I've seen--I hope there are less mean girls on real life!

Bottom line, let our kids enjoy their summer break while nurturing their interests, their talents and their gifts. They deserve to enjoy it after a year of homework and exams! :)

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