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Monday, August 24, 2009

Beauty Pageant and Ms. Universe 2009

I've watched the live satellite feed and all the ladies were pretty and to be honest I think there were few ladies who deserved to be given a chance on the top 15 but didn't get in. But anyways, that's how pageant life is.

Congratulations to Stefania Fernandez for winning the crown! Second hurrah for Venezuela as the 2008 Ms. Universe is also from Venezuela.

In my honest opinion, I think a true Ms. Universe should at least speak English since it's the language commonly used around the world. Will she be walking around her tour of duty with an interpreter in tow? I don't know better but at that's just me.

They say most of the ladies who join beauty pageants such as the Ms. Universe are "trained" since they're little. Is your child one of them? Is your child a beauty queen in the making?
I've read and seen a lot about little girl's beauty pageant and most often than not, there are nasty things that happen in the backstage. I remember thinking, is this really a "career" for both parent and child or just a single sided dream (ehmmm..frustration?)

No matter where you stand, please do remember to enjoy the pageant and the experience it brings so as not to over do it. Winning isn't everything and losing isn't the end of it either.

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