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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hi guys! For weeks now I've been joining #GNO discussion in Twitter and the conversations never failed to give me new things to learn. Just yesterday, the topic was about art for our kids. The discussion was sponsored by Crayola and they had plenty of giveaways and coupons for #GNO tweeps. It was really awesome and I meet really amazing people and fellow moms.
Most of us, if not, all of us were brought to memory lanes as we recall how far long we were using crayola products! And how it helped us bond with parents, siblings, friends and finally how it helped us bond with children of our own.

One tweet I can't forget is that crayola's smell is the most recognizable smell in the whole world! :)
All of us would agree that we thank crayola for being non-toxic. And I guess this is what makes a product sell well. It should be friendly and good for the kids.

That's why in EliteDresses, we are always on our toes to provide dresses that are safe for kids to wear. Above all else, kids' safety is the most important.

I hope we could be friends in twitter...it's http://twitter.com/EliteDresses

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